Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Back to the Grind

I think I may have damaged my lat (very minor)... in my last entry I mentioned my back muscles felt like they were changing... well only the left side feels just not quite right. Plus now my right shoulder is bugging me. I have no clue what is wrong with my shoulders, but occasionally I have joint pain. I have experienced this since I was a teenager. I don't think it is an injury, I feel better when I take ibuprofen and when I move it. I have been to see chiropractors and an osteopath. They don't know, the osteopath is very helpful, but not a permanent fix. I'm sure it is form a lack of balance in my practice, an impingement or something like that. Anywhooo....

Practice today

Swings - 16kg - 20 X 3

Snatches - 12kg - 5/5 X2
12kg - 10/10 x3

TGU's - 16kg - 3/3

Lunge w/press - 8kg 8 steps out, 8 back + 8 push ups X3

Single hand swings - 12,16,20kgs 7/7/7/7/7/7 X2

About 20 minutes of standing asana.


Tracy said...

Single hand swings w/20kg? Damn woman!...I think I see a challenge.

I'm such a competitve bitch, LOL

fawn friday said...

Competitive? That is what I love about you Tracy... you keep me from coasting.

I'm scared to give the 60 swing workout a try... YIKES!

fawn friday said...

Opps, I mean 80 swings... my god woman, you are a machine! The most I could do is 65 (1.5 minutes) and that about made me puke.

Mark Reifkind said...

fawn, you should check out the teres major and and lat attachments for trigger points. they can lock up and internally rotate the shoulder into impingement.
the pec minor and levator scapulae can also be heavily involved and releasing them can help a lot.

fawn friday said...


I think it has something to do with the pec minor for sure... I feel that sucker tighten up and sometimes my coracoid aches... Plus I get a lot of uncontrolled scapular winging. I also feel tightness in my levator. What do I do to get that to release?

Mark Reifkind said...

if the corocoid brachialis is involved also you REALLY need to get a teres major release with accupressure/trigger point work.
Have aaron pressize the levator as you take the same side arm through adduction/slight flexion/slight extension in a variety of vector angles.
have him pressurize the levator as it 'flexes' as you raise the arm.the massage tool the 'backknobber' works great too.

however the best mobilizer is the overhead stick press that I figured out. do this:
1) take a stick almost as long as a barbell and place it against a power rack on the outside, as if you were going to do a strict military press with it.

2)position your forearms so the are TOTALLY perpindicular to the floor as you hold the stick against the rack.

3) slide the stick overhead keeping the elbows UNDER the wrists at all times adn the shoulders down til lockout.

4) after the stick is overhead shrug up and down two or three times( try to keep the arms straight) then slide the stick down the rack using, and heres the tough part, the rhomboids and inner scapular retractors( pinch the blades together)again, keep the forearms straight up and down as you do this.

This releases the lower rhomboid muscles in some weird way allowing fuller scapular movement and release the pressure on the levator and allowing the shoulder to get into neutral better.

Nothing has worked better on my shoulder.nothing.

I have some pics if I can find them of tracy demo'ing this.

Mike T Nelson said...

Yep, Mark is right on. All the muscles "in that area" are all related and function in symphony to get the huge ROM (range of motion) you see in the shoulder.

If you want to stop by we can try some Z Health, justlet me know. Don't worry about the payment now and a few more referrals and that is payment enough for me.

Be careful about NSAIDs in general, as pain is the way of your body telling you something is not right. I know you know this, but I need reminders myself from time to time.
There is also some data to show that NSAIDs inhibit the repair process also (although this is still an are of controversy). I've had good luck with Wobenzym as an alternative taken in high doses between meals.

Take care!
Mike N

Mike T Nelson said...

I would like to see pics of it as I am having a hard time visualizing it.

Mike N

Mark Reifkind said...

mike the thing about nasids that I've found( having had to take them,daily, for almost 7 years) is that while nsaids have side effects the accumulated effects from HIGH levels of inflammation are also very bad as well.
of course the more neutral everything is the less inflammation and the less pain and restrictions so....

Mike the photos are on my blog.

fawn friday said...

Thank you Mark!

Aaron Friday said...

Yeah, thanks Mark. I've searched your blog for the stick press and found no description I could use.

I can use this one, and will.