Friday, May 11, 2007

Good start....

I had a really nice start to my day. I didn't have to be at the gym until 10am, so I had a really nice yoga practice this morning. I also cleaned off my desk and threw away a pile of crap that needed to be thrown out. Very liberating. I finished work early today, so I got home early and took the dog for a walk.

45 minutes Asana practice
Vanilla practice, standing postures, surya namaskar and back bends - which felt great, funny how that works. Doing back bends more than once a week makes them easier!

45 minutes K'bells

Swings - 20 swings, 16kg one minute rest 5 sets

Presses - 5L 5R, 12kg 3 sets

SHS - 10 Swings, 8kg, 12kg, 16kg, L R L, R L R - 2 sets

FSQ - 2/20kg 5 reps, 3 sets plus one clean each set

RDL - 2/20kg 5 reps, 3 sets

Renegade Rows - 12kg 10 push ups, 5L 5R rows, 2 sets

Plus I did lunges with a client with 16's racked, 8 steps out, 10 pushups, 8 steps back X 2
Oh yah, training a client I demonstrated about 50 snatches with the 12. I don't think that really counts as training for me....

I am thinking doing only K'bells and yoga for the summer. However, when I train FSQ's, 88lbs just isn't enough weight to make the squat challenging, I only have one 24kg at the gym, even if I had two, at that weight I'm sure I would still be board. I'm used to training FSQ's and RDL's with at least 135lbs. I may have to train with barbells after all.


Tracy said...

Nothing wrong with barbells. Do what you need to do based on your training needs. If you need/want to have a particular strength goal, or in my case I want to look a certain way, muscularly, use what gets the job done.

I've been known to throw some tricep push downs and barbell curls after my workouts, just for "looks". But nothing hits my shoulders and arms like 2 hand swings!

I've done sets of 100 snatches (I think they were 2.5 min. sets?) switching every 10 reps w/12kg, that's when I knew the 12kg was too light!

As far as my yoga pratice, my back bends are killer, maybe because I have weaker abs? It's the forward bends, because I don't have the flexibility in my hamstrings, that are tough for me. How often do you pratice??

fawn friday said...

Hey Tracy!
My back bends used to be strong for me... forward bends have always been challenging.

One of my teachers told me once that it has to do with personality. This was years ago, I was in a class that was a forward extension focus... I was squirming around in a long held asana (2+minutes); my teacher actually stepped on my back, and pressed me down. I had to give in and relax. I still struggle with forward bends. I have to ask and reask my brain why I resist? I lack focus.... still.

Range is not my problem, it is lack of focus. I don't like facing INWARD. Same with shoulder stand. Head stand is cake... I'm there for 15 minutes, easy. Shoulder stand, after 3 minutes, I squirm.

Back bends bring confidence, lightness and alertness. Another teacher told me the fear of falling backward is a fear of death. Watch class one day who is deathly afraid of beck bends, those people usually come off as people who grip on to life!

There is NO WAY you have weak abs... you are fearless, that is why your back bends are killer! I could go on and on about yoga... I practice at least 3x a used to be 6, my schedule needs reworking...

Next time we see each other... we should throw a little yoga and cooking into the K'bell mix.