Saturday, May 12, 2007

Gun Day

I see clients at the gym on Saturday am. My two regulars are at 7:30 and 8:30, they are a married couple, scientists in the boomer generation, I really like them both. I have been training them for about six months. I can't say I love getting up at 6am to collect my wits enough to train Saturday am, but once we get going, everything is just fine..... Any whoooo

Aaron and I went to the gun range today. I love and hate the gun range. I am always amazed to see how many people there are in TERRIBLE physical condition. Not just over weight, but soft with awful posture, oblivious the there environment. I know most gun owners are very intelligent, likable and aware people. Gun ranges on Saturday attract an odd crowd.

When I shoot, I do alright, not great. Shooting takes a lot of concentration. I love to shoot our Firestorm .22, and I love to shoot my Sig 9mm. I'm not a great shot, but I hit the colored part more than I hit the white part of the target. When I shoot a flier (white part) I get terribly detracted and usually hit more fliers... Aaron is an awesome shot. Shooting is meditation, I always think of William, my Jewish (by ethnicity) Buddhist, Yoga teacher. I think he would be a excellent shoot much to his chagrin.... Mindfulness can be practiced awareness cannot. Most poignant lesson, when I hit a blank (pulled the trigger no bullet came out), I really jerked the gun. Which I already knew... because my grouping is off to the right. But to see it without the recoil was educational.

No Kettlebells today, No yoga either..... Tomorrow is Lisa's yoga class which will kick my butt! I did some yard work.... And, it's mothers day tomorrow, my mom and her husband (who I love) are coming over in the afternoon. Plus I am going to the Farmers Market early to get some stuff for my garden and a pretty flower thing for my Mama. Meow!


Tracy said...

Whatcha cooking for your Mama?

Mark and I never celebrate holidays, rarely even birthdays! I guess that's why my kids don't care either. I'll be spending most of the day at the Flea.

Have a good one.

fawn friday said...

Aaron and I don't really do holidays either. We are practical people... if we need something, we buy it.

I don't really know what I am going to make...I have some baby white potatoes and Sarascene olives, maybe a warm potato salad with olives and arugula, grilled asparagus. I will blog tonight and let you know.

I am off to the Farmers Market... wish me luck!

Aaron Friday said...

It's the "oblivious of their environment" part that bothers me the most, which is why I like to get in and out before the crowd arrives.

Shooting does tend to reveal one's character.

Tracy said...

I never use potatoes, they are like water sponges in my body! Pasta, bread OK, but in moderation. Can you believe I do anything in moderation when it comes to food? What I mean by moderation is not very often, because when I do it's always overeaten. I'm messed up! I do miss working with them though (potatoes).

Fruit season is in full swing now and I ate 2 lbs. of Ranier cherries on tne way home from the Flea this afternoon. I need to fix this (overeating thing). I'm "working" on it!

fawn friday said...

We are not potato people either... Aaron says they make him fart, and if Aaron farts, it's my fault, because I am in charge of the food (according to Aaron of course). Try observing this... I have noticed when we eat food when it is in season (difficult for Minnesota, 6mos of winter), food is more digestible and tastes better. For example... stored garlic and onions taste awful and make me fart, fresh onions and garlic digest just fine. I notice this with other foods as well, like tomatoes, and potatoes.

Aaron Friday said...

I don't fart. I pass wind.

Cruel, disgusting wind.

fawn friday said...

Tracy, I too have over eaten cherries... gave me diarrhea, didn't stop me from doing it again. We used to get 10lb boxes at one of the restaurants I worked at.