Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Monday and Tuesday

Monday is my busiest day at the club. I train 11 people on Monday. So, I am proud to say I trained myself for an hour that morning. Usually I treat Mondays like a marathon... I try to reserve my energy and not exert too much. This Monday I had an early am cancellation and made the best of it. I can't remember exactly what I did but it went something like this...

Lots of swings... two hands and one hand. Maybe like 60 -70 swings.
Then I did snatches, like 60 snatches.
Clean, Squat, Press, Neg. Press with 16's 5L/5R three sets - this was the theme for the day... I think I did this combo about a million times.
Lunges with k'bell (16) in rack position... 8 steps out 8 pushups 8 steps back X 3
More swings, a couple other things I can't remember... took about an hour. Tried not to rest too much between sets.

Met with a Z Health guy. He took a look at one of my clients, made some adjustments, now we get to see what happens. I am not the type of person who believes what others have to say... I like to see it for myself. I will try to say more about this experience. It was very interesting, in a good way. I guess I will be trying to learn that now. I picked up the R-phase manual.

Tuesday... today

Went to Andrea's drop in class...

We did timed snatches for one minute on 30 sec rest. YIKES! Two sets of one minute left and one minute right about killed my grip. Holy crap my Popeye muscles were SCREAMING. Then we did a last set, 30 seconds right and 30 seconds left. I will say this... I consistently did 23 snatches in a minute on each arm every time, all sets were done with the 12kg. After that we did 1 minute swings, two sets 16kg. The biggest killer by far was my grip. Then we did a bunch of stuff I don't remember... I think we did Over Head Press standing on one foot. That is always a good one.


taikei said...

23 snatches per minute is just about twice as fast from what I do daily.
I'll give it a shot once I'm finished with RKC snatch test.

You've got a great blog, it's nice to read how a trainer works on daily basis.

Aaron Friday said...

"Then we did a bunch of stuff I don't remember..."

LOL. Blood was diverted from your brain to feed your forearms.

I need to try those one-footed presses. Sounds freaky.

fawn friday said...


Twice as fast would be appropriate, I think the wight I used (12kg) was half the size you like to use (24kg)... or maybe I just spent my energy too quickly.

I don't know if I am a "typical" trainer... I am very busy though. I get a lot of referrals and I have a lot of loyal clients who have trained with me for a long time.

Now that I use Kettlebells at the gym, I am getting more clients! I am the only person certified to train with Kettlebells, however my friend Angela (who is a trainer as well) also trains with them. I think she will be taking the cert next year.

fawn friday said...


Alright, we can train one-footed presses on Friday in our front yard, this way all the neighbors will know for sure we are freaks!

We should use the Gym Boss, so we don't have to count our sets with dandelions.

Mark Reifkind said...

11 Clients in one day!?! That would freaking KILL me, but you are young. I would never want to do that many even when I was young.wow. tough chick.
nice workout too, although I hate timed sets of anything. I miss powerlifting where you do one rep, rest thirty minutes then do another rep.ah, the good old days.lol.

fawn friday said...


I know, isn't that crazy? But that is how Golds rolls... we have to sell so much training I am forced to work way more than I want to. I could give some of my clients away... but the other "good" trainers are full as well and I am not handing my clients off to someone who is going to count reps on a stupid machine... Plus any new business is mostly referrals, I just can't say no. My goal is to get K'bell classes going so I can free up some time. I have to find some way to reign this situation in.

Mark Reifkind said...

fawn its easy: raise your rates, lol.