Sunday, May 13, 2007

Mother's Day

I went to the Saint Paul Farmers Market this morning. I LOVE the Farmers Market, Saint Paul has a really nice market. Everything sold there has to be either grown or made within 50 miles of the city limits. Spring in Minnesota means lots of flowers, ruhbarb, young seedlings for us folks who can't get it together enough to plant indoors ahead of time.

Today I picked up two Sweet 100 Cherry tomato plants. I buy form the same farm every year, and these plants will give you at least 200 tomatoes easily. I am not a big tomato eater, too much sugar and it is a night shade... but I do have tomatoes in the summer. I also picked up some pretty little orange and yellow symphony flowers to plant in my front mini rock garden. I got my mom a New Guinna impatiens hanging basket, a really pretty bright pink.

Went to Lisa's yoga class 90 minutes... which is always challenging. I felt pretty good in class, all postures came naturally. One new posture... an ardha dandasana pressing up with the extended leg, while extending up with the leg and arm... it feel like my lats are in the way, I'm sure it is more like my lack of shoulder mobility is in the way. The yoga sutras say, "Work for no reward, Love with no object." I think about that surta often, more on that latter.

I had my mom over for lunch... I was feeling pretty low on energy, so I kept it simple. Warm new potato salad with Spinach, Saracene Olives and Feta Cheese. I also grilled some chicken breast, skin on, lots of sea salt. Low heat, so the fat melted off with out causing a fire, while flavoring the flesh. Aioli and pita bread. Pineapple for dessert. I'm not a dessert person.

Cleaned up from lunch... worked in the yard planting flowers, watering, pulling weeds. I love summer. No KB's today.


Tracy said...

I find that people who like to cook also like to garden. I didn't get either gene. I recognized the importance of being able to cook and forced myself to learn in my early 30's, another example of it never being too late. But the gardening thing... I think it's the science that my brain doesn't wrap around. Although I did figure out the "watering" thing!

One of the things I like about cooking (and going to the market)everyday is the connection you you make with seasonal foods. Even though much out of season produce is available year round I stay away from it naturally. I don't crave avocados or stawberries in the winter (or even salmon), or butternut squash in the summer.

So much food, so little time. I need to write a post about that!

Aaron Friday said...

Please write more about these things, both of you.

Seasonal food and especially, growing it, are closer to spirituality than any words can ever be.

You realize, of course, that eating big and starchy potatoes is like eating the anti-christ. Eating small, baby potatoes is like preventing the anti-christ from manifesting on Earth. It saves humanity.

Aaron Friday said...

To clarify, you don't want to eat the fully formed, starchy and gassy anti-christ, because it will make you evil.

Those big potatoes are for shooting or, if you're so inclinded, for slashing into pieces with your samurai sword.