Friday, May 18, 2007

My hands hurt...

Well, I have been full steam ahead with Kettlebells. I have been training all my clients with Kettlebells, and so far I have had a very favorable response. I have been doing lots of Kettlebell demos at the gym, just to gain a little more exposure. I have been showing anyone who is interested how to train with them. I am starting morning group classes two days a week.

Plus, my primo comrade, Angela (who is also a trainer at Gold's) and I have been goofing around with Kettlebell techniques and combos. Ang is probably one of the most hard core women I know. When I showed her Kettlebells, she was the only person at Gold's who cared. In fact, not only did Ang care about Kettlebells, she LOVES them, probably as much as I do.

I don't really count training with clients, goofing around with Angela, or demonstrating Kettlebells as my "work out". I will say this... all combined, has made my hands sore. I made myself some "Tracy Gloves", yesterday so I could show Aaron how to snatch. I used them all day today. Aaron and I did a bunch of snatches outside in our yard again today. Tracy... patent your gloves... it's your million dollar fitness invention.

I went to Andrea's class yesterday. Excellent class, like always. I meant to blog yesterday, but I had a long day. When I got home from work, I was beat.

I will try to remember what I did. I have to start keeping better track of what I do. I guess I keep tract of what other people do all day, I just want a break...


Mark Reifkind said...

thanks for posting your blog fawn, its a very interesting read.I know how hard it is to even train after you train others all day. much less recount all your stuff. thanks.

all the demoing DOES catch up with you. I had tons of newbies these last two weeks and I feel I did the equivilant of two -three extra full workouts each week!

Tracy's gloves rock! Tracy says she misses you guys and will blog more later, she too has been super busy lately.
Keep pushing your clients towards the kbs. pretty soon they won't want to do anything else!

fawn friday said...


Thanks for the feedback! I am such a new trainer, I feel like I have so much to learn..

In yogaland, BKS Iyengar says it is unethical to teach what you don't practice. Plus I am so opinionated I don't train what I don't believe in... So, all my clients are at the mercy of KB's, deadlifting and squats!

Tracy said...

Love my freakin KB's! Truly a miracle for me.

When I first experienced the results of consistent KB training I couldn't believe that more people didn't "get it". After all, look at my transformation! But it's still hard work. And as long as people want a quick easy fix even KB's fail to excite people.

Unfortunate. KB's give the most "bang for the buck", but you still have to use them! Consistently.

My "socks" have saved my ass (OK I mean my hands!).