Tuesday, May 8, 2007

Training Blog...

This is going to be a super boring blog.... I'm going to start posting my work-outs. I have been following Tracy and Mark's blogs for a little over a week, I was inspired to start accounting for my training in a formal way.

My primary training is Iyengar Yoga. I practice with excellent teachers, William Prottengiere and Lisa Belfiori. William is a world class Iyengar instructor. I have studied under William (on and off) for over a decade. When I started weight training... he is the one who called my the Yoganator.

Lisa teaches a hybrid of Ashtanga and Iyengar with her own Vinyasa sequencing twist, she is quite remarkable. Lisa's classes will kick your ass. I guarantee anyone who thinks yoga is for sissies, Lisa will twist that notion out of your thoughts.

There will be more about these two people later. I am also in love with Kettlebells. This is a new love. I have been training with Andrea Du Cane since October of last year. I just passed the instructor training of the RKC.

I had a cancellation today, so this was at the gym in my blank spot.... took me about 20 minutes

Transfers @ 16kg - 10L 10R

SH Swings 16kg - 10L 10R

Snatches 16kg - 10L 10R X3

OH Press 12kg - 6L 6R
16kg - 4L 4R
16kg - 3L 3R

FSQ 2/20kg - 8 X3, plus one clean each set

I spent 20 minutes preparing for the yoga class I teach on Tuesdays....

20 minutes of standing Asana


Aaron Friday said...

This is NOT a boring blog. It's great, but you need a picture.

fawn friday said...

All I need is you, my love.... but I will let you help me with a picture.

Tracy said...

I'm sure I have an awesome picture of you "in action" from the cert. I promise to send you one!