Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Tuesday training

Mondays are very busy for me, so I don't really train on Mondays. I usually see between 9-12 clients. I know that is too many, but I go home for lunch and chill out for a little while. Plus I am attached to all my clients.

Tuesday are an easy day... I usually only see between 2-4 clients at the gym, then I have my yoga class then I see two ladies at their house. So, I had some time to myself today. I want to brag about one of my clients... I train a woman who is in her mid 50's, proud grandmother, weighs close to 150lbs, working toward fat loss and general health... She benched 95lbs, 3 reps, two sets! She is a little power house.

1 hour Asana... standing postures, handstands, pynches, and down dogs. Some seated postures, forward bends and hip postures. Nice practice.

15 minutes of K'bells.... quick and dirty

Swings 12 X 3 16kg
12X 2 24kg
12X 2 16/16kg

Snatches 10L/10R/10L/10R 12kg
10L/10R 16kg
10L/10R 16kg

FSQ 5X2 24kg


Tracy said...

Were the swings one handed or two?

fawn friday said...

Tracy, All two hand swings (i think), the last two sets with 16kgs were double swings (12 X 2 - 16/16kg)I need to document that better. I don't really like double swings... do you ever train them?