Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Wednesday Yoga

I just got home from my Wednesday yoga class with William. He is such an awesome teacher, I am so lucky to be able to take classes right in town with someone of his caliber! We did a lot of back bends again. I was thinking of Tracy Reifkind, you would have loved this class.

William is scientific about yoga. He really knows his anatomy and physiology. He speaks and teaches in a way that I can understand. I see visually with my mind's eye when he explains the movement and action of the postures. His teaching style just makes sense to me. I know it is snobbish and unethical to look down on other practices... but I believe William is simply superior to most everything out there.

William actually inspired me to become a trainer. He would hurl if he ever found that out. A few years ago he mentioned to me twice in one summer that I should start teaching. My thoughts on teaching yoga is that there are so many crap yoga teachers out there, why on earth would I want to be part of that? Plus, the best yoga advice I could give anyone is to take William's class. Why on earth should I teach when there is a real teacher in town? So, I was William's assistant for about a year and a half. I also tried taking some yoga teacher training classes offered by another Iyengar yoga school in town. Unfortunately... the instructors were not a good match for me. The biggest problem with training with an excellent instructors, is that is now what I expect... excellence. I'm spoiled.

Lessons learned in class today....

It is not my lack of spinal flexibility that has changed my back bends, it is my SHOULDERS. I really need to keep on top of my shoulder health.

Helping someone else stand up out of a back bend... hook your thumbs on the ASIS, press palms fingers around the hips, using the for arm as the 5th quadricep, rock three time for momentum... assistant loads hips as back bender presses heels into the ground and stands up.

We did a long (10 minutes) shoulderstand and headstand with variations. I need to add that back into my practice. Now that I am thicker... twisting is difficult, it never used to be. Sheeesh. I guess I am just a girl who wants the fancy back bend and a big deadlift. I can see William's eyes roll, followed with an ego lecture.

Nothing to do with yoga... I am joining the Z Health bandwagon. I am taking one of my clients to see a certified Z guy Monday. I am really looking forward to checking this stuff out for myself. We have been doing certain drills in Andrea's class, which perked up my interest. Geoff trains Z, and now I am wanting to as least explore for myself what it is, and does. I WAS planning on giving my pea brain a break for the summer... the new Harry Potter is coming in July. Oh, well.


Aaron Friday said...

William could learn a thing or two from you.

As long as gravity exists, everyone can benefit from physical culture. The fact that he's probably covered 80% of it already is no reason to poo-poo the other 20%.

Tracy said...

Since I'm married to "The World's Best Personal Trainer" (it's an inside joke) I don't consider myself a personal trainer, I know what an expert can do, teach, and coach. I teach people KB training. That I can do, but I'll leave the more complicated stuff to the experts!

fawn friday said...

I don't know about that Tracy.... you are pretty damn good. I don't think I would have gotten from Mark what I got from your instruction. You bring something special to the training table.