Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Yoga Wednesday

I just got home from my yoga class with William. Excellent class like always... Today we focused on refining technique on the standing asanas. Nice... I like doing the standing postures, and I know there could be some improvement. We did three postures (virabhadrasana 1, virabhadrasana 2, and parsvakonasana) with one foot standing on a block. The point of this exercise was to elevate the heal, allowing the knee to drop in to a 90 degree angle easier. Knee flexion is not my challenge. However, anterior pelvic tilt is a challenge in standing postures for me. That was the first half of class. Whoever thinks yoga is easy, do a half hour of standing postures, holding the posture for 30 seconds - 1 minute, while the instructor tries to get you to tip your pelvis back so your ASIS are pointing straight ahead, while pulling the floating ribs in line with the others. As William says "Thank god for impermanence!"

Next we worked on a bunch of arm balances. Eka Pada Koundinyasana 1, Eka Pada Koundinyasans 2, Bhujapidasana. Then Headstand and moving into Bakasana and Parsva Bakasana. Fun stuff. This part of class was less serious that the first part. You have to have a sense of humor to practice arm balances. We laughed at each other and at ourselves... Arm balances are really difficult, some of them come much easier than others. Koundinyasana 2 comes much easier then Koundinyasana 1. weird....

One last thing... do not apply lemon body oil before yoga class, my skin was way too slippery to get a good grip on the arm balances.


Tracy said...

Anyone that thinks yoga is easy hasn't done it! It's freakin' hard, real yoga that is.

Even though I practice Bikram, I don't consider that "real yoga"! I know I can get alot of shit for that statement, but if it weren't for the 104 degree temp you couldn't even break a sweat doing the postures.

I switched studios to practice other styles, and the first time I did Vinyasa (also probably not "real yoga") it kicked my ass big time. I still suck at it.

Maybe when I can quit my part time job I can invest in a more serious yoga pratice. I think the combo, KB, yoga, walking, is a winning one! For me at least.

fawn friday said...

I have never taken a Bikram class. I know anyone who takes a Bikram class loves it... I have never heard William (the yoga authority in my world) say anything against Bikram yoga.

We should do whatever exercise it is that makes us happy. I just so happens do to our superior sophistication we have chosen Kettlebells and Yoga (the prefect combo according to me). Plus I have a dog... walking is a part of my regiment as well.

My teacher Lisa has a casual attitude toward her Ashtanga yoga practice... she says "this is how I practice... these are my discoveries... I am here to show you what I have learned." I love her attitude. Plus she can do some pretty amazing things.