Wednesday, May 9, 2007

Yoga with William

I just got back from my Wednesday yoga class with William.... It was a mostly Vinyasa class, which is unusual for him. His classes are usually more instructional, with emphasis on alignment, joint and muscle action. William is a practicing Buddhist, so, he usually has some esoteric thinking to pass along.

Today I picked out this... "mindfulness can be practiced, awareness can not." What is the difference? I was going to ask, but I already used up my smart mouth comments for the day. I try to keep my commentary in William's class down to two... "better to practice a thousand times and ask one question, than to practice once and ask a thousand questions." I have to keep my practice around two thousand (what ever that means) to satisfy my two questions.

I feel so energized when I leave his classes.... I need to bring that to my own practice.

Practice with William... 1 Hour and 45 Minutes

Postures that stand out...

*Dropping into back bend from Pinca Mayurasana, felt awesome, still mobile enough to do this with comfort.
*Lift my chest and twist in Parsva Sarvangasana... twists are getting more difficult, because of weight training.
*My back bends are getting wider... thanks to deadlifting and ab work... Practice back bends more often, stop all direct ab work. FSQ's and TGU's work my abs fine.

My house is a mess, I have clients to deal with, I better get a move on.
My Shoulders are much less mobile... thanks to posterior chain work and pullups
I need to bring balance to my practices.

PM Training.....

I did a bunch of swings and cleans with one of my clients. I don't really count that as training... I squat 45 lb. plates on and off equipment all day... that is not really a leg workout. I did however manage to get in 2 sets of 12 snatches with the 16kg, each hand in about 7 minutes. They went up much easier that before the RKC weekend. Probably because I became serious with the 16kg. I had a couple minutes between clients. That is my MO - I do my work outs between clients. Twenty minutes is where it's at for me.... but I'm a lazy fucker.


Aaron Friday said...

Is it the house that's messy, or is it your own mind that is cluttered?

If you tell me the house is messy, I will pinch you. If you tell me your mind is cluttered, I will pinch you. So what can you do?

The Buddha is shit on a stick, and a set is a set, between clients or all at once.

Nice green blog, love.

fawn friday said...

Babes, it was the HOUSE, and you know it! I will pinch you when you get home for being such an esoteric smarty.

Tracy said...

I love you guys! I don't know why??

fawn friday said...

Tracy, we are so lovable because we are.... FREAKS!!!!

Tracy said...

Yeah, you gotta love a freak!