Sunday, June 24, 2007

Dinner with the Big Guys...

So, Aaron and I decided to go to the Downtowner and skulk around in hopes of seeing Mark Reifkind, Doug Napodal and I also wanted to Aaron to meet Andrea DuCane, my primary teacher. As luck would have it, Dennis Armstrong was sitting at the bar when we walked in. Dennis is the person who organizes all the certifications for the RKC and Dragon Door stuff. Dennis is an important person to know. About 2 minutes after we arrived and sat next to Dennis the Big Guys walked through the door... Pavel, Mark Reifkind and Brett Jones, what luck!!!

Our intention was to chit chat a little, then have a little something to eat in the bar... wait to see if there were any other RKC folks we knew, and say hello to them as well. Mark, being the super fantastic guy he is invited us to join them for dinner, we tried to decline... but, we couldn't resist the opportunity to dine with this group of interesting people. We were soon joined by Mark and Courtney Cheng and even Dennis Armstrong joined us. Courtney took the Cert in April same time as me. Mark was an assistant, he was also in the last HS issue. Courtney is an Osteopath, in my book that is pretty cool. There are so many people at the RKC certification that it is impossible to remember everyone. Some people stand out in my mind and I certainly remember the Chengs and was thrilled to sit next to them at dinner.

I have always been a huge admirer of Bret Jones. This was the first time I had the chance to meet him in person. I have been reading his blog for quit some time. I like his training style and I love the fact he is a regular looking guy who is crazy strong. He was just what I imagined him to be... good sense of humor, humble and very knowledgeable. I bugged him for some pull-up training tips. Now I had better follow through. I will post more about that latter.

I was going to try my best not to act like a star-struck little school girl while I was dinning with Pavel. It was hard for me not to... I have several of his books (valentine's day gifts from Aaron) plus he is super knowledgeable about things I really wish I knew more about. He is a real celebrity in my world. My goal was not to do or say anything regretful.

An unexpected surprise guest that showed up latter that night up was Mark Toomey! One of the assistant instructors for my team back in April! He is a big time 2nd amendment guy like Aaron and I was thrilled to see him. He is the guy that pointed out to me that maybe I have a little talent for squatting... and encouraged me to work at it.

I was hoping to have an opportunity to chit chat with Andrea DuCane a little more. I know I get to see her in class regularly, but it would have been nice to act like a regular person around her outside of class for once. Aaron did get to meet Andrea, but only after dinner and when she and John were on their way out. I also missed seeing Doug Napodal.

We gave Rif a ride back to his Hotel... What a great guy! I would love to get a private lesson with him next time he is in town. Tracy was my team's assistant, because of her, Aaron and I really got a great opportunity to meet some wonderful people.

Well, that was a really fun night. I am so lucky to live right in the heart of Kettlebelland. I'm off the the Farmer's Market in Saint Paul, then off to Yoga with Lisa at Neti Neti.


Taikei Matsushita said...

Downtowner had the best T-bone steak around. Comparable to the Florence(Italy) steak.

Thanks for sharing the info Fawn. I do miss all of you, and the steak.

fawn friday said...

Your name came up Taikei, we all were had fond thoughts of you last night.

Aaron Friday said...

Yeah honey. That was fun, and I'm glad we went.

Aaron Friday said...

I think we drove about 5 miles back to the hotel. You'd think they would find a closer restaurant!

Geoff Neupert said...

Here's the thing I like about the "Big Guys:" They're all class acts an easily approachable. Not only that, they all really know their stuff and are willing to help the rest of us when we ask. Good people.

fawn friday said...

Geoff, you are 100% right on... class act is the perfect description of these guys... you included! Your name came up in conversation and your presents was missed.

Mark Reifkind said...


thanks so much for the kind was so great to see you both, and I thought I had invited you to dinner before? glad you stayed, the conversation was great.the rkc tribe is a good one, the people all are cool.great pullup pic too!seeyou guys in sept.