Friday, June 1, 2007

Friday Workout

Nothing exciting to report at the gym today. So here is my workout...

Swings 16kg - 20 X3
30 second on 30 seconds rest (Aaron got me a Gym Boss!!!)

Single hand Swings 16kg - 18/18 X3
30 second on 30 seconds rest (fewer reps with the shs?)

C+SQ+PP+NP - 16kg - 5/5 X3

Lunges - 16kg 12 steps out 8 push ups 12 steps back

Renegade Rows - 12/12kg - 10
16/16kg - 10 X 2

Pull Overs on a SB - 12kg - 12
16kg - 10 X2

TGU 16kg - 3/3 using the squat method - I love overhead squats...

I really want to try tgu's with the 20kg... but I am scared I will have to get Aaron to spot me.

I have a client who has been reading my blog... she told me today that my blog is a little "reserved". So, I will rant about one thing that has been bugging me, and I don't really know what to do about it...

There is a trainer at my gym who made fun of my Kettlebells when I first started training with them. I was pretty enthusiastic... I told everyone at work how great they were, I would show off all the neat new things I could do with them. This is to my co-workers... not the members. These are the people who should know a cool thing when they see it, this is our work...

So... here is my beef.... now this person is using MY (the K'bells are mine and Angela's) K'bells on his clients. He doesn't know what he is doing. Plus he is going through a phase of being WAY into functional training, spending almost the whole hour with a client doing all this one leg standing forward reaches; crap on the Stability Ball, weird stretching movements. I am sure everything has a good purpose... but a whole hour?

Now I am a libertarian... do I just let it go? He is not hurting my K'bells, or me or my clients... or do I say something?


Aikibudo said...

Hey Fawn,
It's Jim, from the Downtowner.

I have been reading Rif's blog, yours, and your husbands. Good stuff.

I too am a libertarian, and I would be pissed if someone was using my stuff. Did he ask permission? I'm assuming the answer to that one is no.

What would happen if someone did get injured? As you know, safe KB use requires good instruction, which we have. He may not.

I agree it is a questionable call to get too worked up about, but on principle and respect for you and your skills as well as your property, make 'em buy (from you) his own damn bells, esp. if he is making money off of 'em. Or charge him a rental fee - OK, only half serious about that one.

Maybe that's a bit harsh, but I would at least tell him, if you haven't already that you are not pleased he took it upon himself to use your stuff in your absence.

my thots

taikei said...

TGU 20kg is a challenge for most "men" in my country!

For few days, I've been using my KB during day time hours at the park, caught attention by elder people in their 70's. I got a bit scared when they tried to lift off 24kg from the ground.

You've got to teach this guy, or keep the KB away from him. Is he picking it up with a rounded back?

I'll be heading to States tomorrow. Printing out some St.Paul maps now. See ya!

fawn friday said...

I have come to a conclusion of what I will do about the other trainers using my Kettlebells. I have decided that I don't really care if the other trainers use my Kettlebells. It bothers Angela much more than it does me.

I have thought about it and I have decided it is not my job to patrol the gym and watch to make sure my co-workers are doing everything correctly. I see loads of erroneous training all the time...

Jim, thanks for the input. It gave me a good laugh.

Taikei, if my co-worker's back is rounded... I wouldn't correct him... I would watch to see if it would go bouncing across the room as it snapped away from his body. Then I would blog about it. If he wants a private kettlebell lesson, he knows where to find me.

Andrea said it would be alright if I go to the graduation workout as a spectator, so I will see you then.

I know you will be very busy with the cert... but feel free to contact me when you get to town or have any questions about Saint Paul.

Travel safe and stay healthy for the cert!

Aaron Friday said...


"She said this stuff was good. Now where the hell is my back!!!"

Fuck it. Don't give your knowledge away unless it's your friend. And I know this trainer is not. Let him use your bells. It's not like they're going to wear out.

A lack of respect and manners is usually the tip of the iceberg. Be glad you don't have to deal with the "submerged" part any more than you do already.

Mark Reifkind said...

screw him. tell him you can't let him use your bells because he is not certified and doesnt look like he knows what to do with them. Since they are your bells you could be liable if he hurts someone.

Ramona said...

Well said.