Friday, June 15, 2007

Friday Workout

I have a Kettlebell class on Fridays, I train along with the class... mostly as feedback and to demo examples. Latter that day I had a quick and dirty workout with one of my favorite clients,

Swings with the 20kg for a warm up

Snatches 16kg - 10L/10R X3

C+FSQ+PP+NP - 16kg 5L/5R, 20kg 5L/5R X2

When I got home I was going to work out with Aaron, and I did, kind of... then I got distracted by the fact that my flowers were wilting from lack of water, so I had to water and workout. I ended up doing something lame like some OH presses, some with the 12kg, some with the 16kg. On the 30 second rest I ran around and moved the sprinkler to water flowers.

I have class with Andrea tomorrow... I am sure I will make up for my sloth then.

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