Monday, June 11, 2007


As always Monday was very busy... 11 clients again. I just can't say no.... I love all my clients. Plus now one of my current clients husband wants to train kettlebells with me. Classes... I need to do more classes. Anywhooo...

Training today was crammed in the midst of a pile of clients.

Swings - 16kg, 20X3

Snatches - 16kg, 5/5
16kg, 10/10 X3

Step back lunges - 16kg 8/8, 8/8 X3

OH Presses - 12kg, 6/6 X3

C+FSQ+PP+NP - 16kg, 6/6 X3

I absolutely love the clean, front squat, push press, negative press combo... probably because I can blast something heavy over my head even when I am just about gassed out. I have been playing around with the combo with 20kg and once with a 24kg. Push press under a bar was in my regular rotation, until I went to kettlebell camp in April.

I skipped all structured KB training for the weekend... I did attend yoga with Lisa at Neti Neti on Sunday. I am doing more kettlebell demos in the attempt to gain more interest in classes this week.


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