Thursday, June 28, 2007

Pretty Dang Boring

I haven't done anything exciting... which is fine. However, boring doesn't make much for blogging.

Tuesday... did some standing and forward bend yoga Asana. I worked out with my KB class, which wasn't terribly hard (they are beginners), which was fine. I can't go full tilt boogie all the time.

Wednesday... Restorative yoga class with William... much needed but I have already blogged about restorative yoga. I did my pull-up exercises in the power rack at Gold's and pissed off a couple guys who wanted to do shrugs and bicep curls. I hate the pull-up bars at Gold's. They are attached to the cable machine and have spongy stuff on the handles. Then I took my most CNS challenged client to see my Z guy, Mike Nelson.

Thursday... I worked out with one of my clients, again not challenging, but such is life. I picked up a new client today... Dr. Matt. He is a chiropractor... the one who popped my rib back in a couple weeks ago. We are exchanging KB training for adjustments. I trained him... then he cracked my back and and squared up my hips. After that I took my pup to see my aunt who is an Osteopath. My dog goofed up her knee a year ago... my aunt fixed her knee this past fall. Two weeks ago she played to hard and goofed up her knee again.

Tomorrow is going to be a busy day... I see nine clients. YIKES! Better get to bed.


Iron Tamer said...

Nine clients? That's cool!

What would be even cooler is to see them all at once and free up your whole day. Let me know if I can help you with that.

fawn friday said...

David, YES! I want your help! I am a very busy trainer (big fish, small pond). I work out of Gold's Gym. I have started some classes, but my clients are all spoiled... only a few go to the classes.

What can I do? Should I e-mail you and let you know what I have done so far and we can go from there? Thanks in advance!