Sunday, June 24, 2007

Pull-up goal...

I have a goal, I am going to do a single pull-up with my body weight plus a 24kg. I would like to achieve my pull-up by this time next year. I'm not a goal oriented person, so this is a pretty big deal for me.

Here is where I am at today...

8 BW pull-ups
1RM - BW plus 12kg

Brett Jones gave me some advice on how to achieve this. This is how I remember the plan...

WK1 - 3xper wk; Weighted Pull-ups, sets of 1-2

WK2 - Grease the Groove - 3 pullups several times a day (i'll shoot for 6) nowhere near failure

WK3 - 5x5; 3x per wk

WK 4 - Back off week, some pullups but easy

Pull-up workout with Aaron today in the back yard on the clothes line...

8kg got 1 up pretty easy... no go on the double (yes, it is a green brand X KB; i call it the lip gloss bell)

12kg, Challenging but doable...

1 pu bw+8kg
1 pu bw+12kg
1 pu bw+8kg, one "nose up"bw+8kg(Aaron gave me a red light for my attempt at a double)
1 pu bw+8kg
1 pu bw+8kg
1 pu bw+8kg

Then we did some TGU's; 16kg about 3 each side, OH squat style.

I had an excellent yoga class today at Neti Neti. We did some backbends and lots of standing poses. My rib thing is finally starting to feel better.


Taikei Matsushita said...

Pull ups and pistol aren't for me. I'll go for bent press and "two hands anyhow".
Everyone have their signature KB moves don't they?

Aaron Friday said...

You're right, Fawn's good at squatting moves most of all, but pretty good with pullups and pressing. The beast challenge requires all three, so she's working on the pulls and presses.

My strength is that you can put any kettlebell in front of me, and I guarantee that I can do ukemi over the top of it.

Mark Reifkind said...

we all have our signature but you should also always work what you are weak at. only real way to get better, imo.

fawn friday said...

I am with you 100% Mark. We have to work our weaknesses... that is where balance come from. It is like what the yogis say "practice all until there is neither attraction or aversion."