Friday, June 22, 2007

A reason to continue with class...

I went to Andrea's Kettlebell class on Thursday. I love being a student, actually I prefer it much more over teaching. I encourage everyone to train with someone or attend classes. Thursday was a lesson why it is so important for me to attend classes regularly... Andrea pointed out a couple bad habits I managed to pick up.

I do this weird thing where I experiment how subtle changes in form feels... I don't know why I do this... but lately I have been trying to really "blast" the K'bell when I swing. Somehow I have translated this into "flipping" the K'bell up before decent. I have also managed to pick up shrugging at the apex of the swing... I hate shrugs. Thank god someone pointed this out.

I don't recall exactly what we did for a workout... we did pistols, single leg deadlifts, oh press, swings and snatches.

Today I was vigilantly practiced better swings... I experimented with different ways to blast the K'bell without shrugging or flipping. I also practiced not blasting the K'bell.

I am totally envious of the Level 2 students in town this week... but relieved that I have another year or two to perfect my form. I still have level one to digest.


Tracy said...

Fawn, I'm totally jealous I didn't get to see you guys...Mark had fun! It's hard to get awayy for 4 days (5 cats and 2 big boys) but such a long, and expensive, way to go for less time.

When I think of "blasting", I use my legs and hips, not my upper body. My goal is to "meet" the KB at it's destination....not pull it into place. That's how to get the KB to "float". Shrugging is what messes up my shoulder, bad! JMO

I think I might come out in Sept.

fawn friday said...

Thanks for the advice Tracy... you are the authority on swings. I really value what you have to say, I am so glad you were my team assistant!

I have a year to master (or at least get right with) the basics... I would like to do the Level 2 or be an assistant. I can't do either if I don't have the basics under control.