Monday, June 11, 2007

Saturday and Sunday

Aaron was a victim at yesterday's RKC Certification. I tagged along to watch, I wanted to meet Taikei and see Mark Reifkind. It was a beautiful sunny day... Doug Nepedol was there, we had a chance to talk a little. I have been looking at his blog, it is always nice to talk in person. Pavel of course was there, he seamed to remember me from my cert in April, which was flattering being that there are so many of us and only one of him....

The energy is so intense at these certifications... when I watched all the students doing there final graduation workout, I really really wanted to join in. I remember all the feelings I had doing my final workout... at one point I remember feeling like I would do just about anything to make it all go away... I remember Lenard (a fellow student I sat next to once) cheering for me at the finish line, Karen, my partner for the weekend was right behind me the whole way, I crossed first and cheered for her to cross... Looking back it was so much fun!

Taikei looked very strong... his presses looked great. The graduation workout was swings and seesaw presses, just like my graduation workout. I stood by the sideline and cheered for him to cross the finish line. I have been reading his blog, and it was especially nice to meet him.

Aaron and I added a few larger K'bells to our collection. Now we have a 28kg and 32kg to play around with. It is so much fun for us to train together... I am going to try to go to the level 2 next summer. I can't wait.


Mark Reifkind said...

So great to see you both again,e ven for jsut the short time. thanks for buying me all those kettelbells; you guys can hold them at your place til I need them,:)))

see you again( i hope) in two weeks.

fawn friday said...


Maybe we should kidnap you and feed you home cooked food next time... It's grilling season here in Minnesota!

Tracy said...

Fawn, I just swung the 32 & 40 this morning.... we think alike!

I'm looking into Iyengar this week. (did I spell that right?)

Doug Nepodal RKC Team leader said...

Fawn, it was good to see you. How is Aaron holding up? Are you coming out for the level II?

taikei said...

Thanks to Fawn, It was great getting cheered from you.

T-bone steak from day before was probably a big factor, finishing that walking press.

Hope to see you again, definitely would go to RKC II within a year or two.

fawn friday said...


You guys have a 40kg... no fair! Think of all the fun we could have if you came out here this fall with Mark... let him work, we can have some kettlebell-yoga-cooking fun!

fawn friday said...


My recovery time is always much shorter with some red meet as well! I believe I also had steak the second night of the cert.

We should try to go to level 2 in a year or two! I'm sure that might be hard for you to think about right after finishing one cert.

fawn friday said...


I am out for every cert! I live right in Saint Paul! Are you going to be here for level two? I would like to participate in the level 2 next year... when ever I can master the lady beast.

Doug Nepodal RKC Team leader said...

Yeah I'm flying back out in 10 days.