Saturday, June 16, 2007

Saturday with Andrea, 100 + Swingie Things

I just got home from Andrea's class... as alway it was a mean workout. Somehow she always manages to pick out something I avoid, and add it to the class workout(double swings). The weather here in Minnesota has been hot (90's) and humid... Class was sticky and sweaty, this was our workout;

Pistols - 20kg 3L/3R x3

OH Presses - 16kg 3L/3R x2, plus one waiter's walk L/R

Seated Seesaw presses - 12kg 6L/6R x2

Double Swings - 16/16kg 10 reps 5 sets

Snatches 12kg - 10L/10R x2 5L/5R

Between the double swings and snatches Andrea wanted us to do 100 swingie things, so we ended the set with a sort of darc style snatch left and right.

Last we did some ab stuff. I hate doing abs. My best workout bud, Angela, LOVES to do abs, evidently so does Andrea because we do them every class (much to my chagrin).

I love going to Andrea's class, it keeps my practice honest. I'm not disciplined enough to do things I hate... plus it's pretty cool that there are classes five minutes from my house taught by a senior RKC! Thanks Andrea, you are awesome!


Aaron Friday said...

Yeah, but you're disciplined enough to go to classes where you're required to do things you hate.

Mark Reifkind said...

aaron speaks the truth. one's progress will be determined, in part, by one's willingness to work on what is weak. Strengths usually are always there and diminish little with underwork.Weak points take tons of work to make any progress at all and dissapear with the least layoff.
you should do abs fairly regularly( not necessarily crunches) to keep your torso in balance. With your long spine and lordotic arch you need the frontal tension to keep things in plumb.
great post.

Taikei Matsushita said...

You're really intense. Reading your blog keeps me activated and awake all the time.

fawn friday said...


Here is my beef with singled out ab work...In Kettlebellland everything is already an ab exercise, plus I work in a gym where 1/2 the population is "six pack" ab obsessed. The thing that I dislike most about ab work is (tell me if I am wrong here) I feel like it interferes with my yoga... i.e., twisting and backbends. I am already pretty thick waisted (no problem with lordosis, you must have me confused), I have to work extra hard to gain back the mobility. Or, maybe it is the deadlifting... and my erectors are inhibiting the ROM for twisting. What are your thoughts?

My biggest struggle is endurance training... I hate it. The double swings, snatches for a minute on each side, timed swings... they are really unpleasant for me. I wish I had a training partner like Tracy. She is like the flipside to my practice. I try not to care about aesthetics... but, her arms look awesome!

fawn friday said...


You are the one who is intense! I really enjoy your blog as well!

Mark Reifkind said...

fawn, I must be confused.if you are standing with your back flat against a wall, heels and shoulders touching, how much of aarons hand can slide through your lower back?
'neutral' is about the mid thickness of the hand. more than that can be considered a larger than normal lordotic curve.
this can keep the erectors very tight. ab work can help to balance that tension between the back extensions and trunck flexors. just a generalization though
kb work,especially two hand swings and all those squats, really hammer the abs. not a bad way to go at all,although some direct work cant hurt either.
I'm not a hi rep ab guys. abs are fast twich fibers and can handle weight and low reps.

Mark Reifkind said...

fawn I did have you confused. I just looked at some pics from the april cert and you do have a pretty flattish back. You do have a long back though and strong abs will help you there no matter how you get them as well.

fawn friday said...

Thanks for the advice Mark! It is always nice to have the ear of someone with so much experience and knowledge!