Saturday, June 30, 2007

Saturday workout with Ang

Angela is my sometimes training partner. We are both trainers at Gold's Gym. Angela has participated in four body building competitions. She is by far my most favorite person at Gold's. Ang started training with KB's a couple months after me. I brought her to one of Andrea's classes and she was hooked. We trained together at The Press Gym in an effort to attract some attention to my classes. This is what we did...

Swings 30 seconds on, 30 seconds rest; 20 swings every round - 20kg

Swing, Clean, FSQ, PP, NP; alternating combo - 16kg 4L/4R x2 - 20kg 2L/2Rx1

Single Leg RDL's - 16/16kg - 5x3

Lunge with a Press and Push-ups - 12kg; a press at the bottom of each of the eight steps, eight push-ups, eight lunge/press steps back X2 - Ang LOVED this combo.

Some abs, Angela loves abs - I hate them, so she always picks out the ab stuff and I always complain (because complaining while doing abs makes me feel better).

Latter this afternoon I did my pull-up work out while Aaron watered my flowers.

BW 2x2
Plus 20lbs. 1
plus 20lbs. 1
plus 15lbs. 1
plus 15lbs. 1
plus 10lbs. 2
plus 10lbs. 2

I am beginning to wonder if I will ever get a 53lb pull-up. I know I just started, but some days pull-ups feel difficult.


Tracy said...

Hey Fawn, Can you have Aaron take pictures of each step in the lunge combination you did? I know others would appreciate that too!

Holding overhead is a great weakness I have. I don't know if it's strength or balance. I'm going to have to start practicing with a very light weight, I guess.

Funny, I was just thinking about this this morning (holding weight over head/squat, etc.)

Tracy said...

PS C'mon, I thought I was hard on myself. Of course you'll get the 53lb pull-up, if you can't do it who the F can??

If it can be done, you're the one!

fawn friday said...


I put up a couple pictures. I actually sold this idea from a T-Nation article - there are some good pictures and video.

fawn friday said...

Opps, I meant STOLED this idea from T-nation... i wish I sold it to them, lol! These lunges were killer. Ang and I were laughing at ourselves at the end - it was everything we could do to keep from tipping over.

Mark Reifkind said...

This is Tracy again....too tired to sign out as Mark!

Lunges AND presses? Killer. It probably gets that heart rate right up there too.

I wonder if I should alternate squat/lunge every other week???...maybe. I know the lunge will help stretch out my hip flexor which can get really tight from so many swings.

Aaron Friday said...

For the pullups, just follow the program and keep track of the sets. It's an experiment. Any improvement is good, and you will definitely improve.

But don't get greedy. Allow yourself the time to do it right.

Aaron Friday said...

It's just (1) lunge with the KB in the rack position, then (2) press once your all the way down. Let the KB down, switch hands and repeat on the other side.

I imagine you'd have to have pretty good stability in the lunge position to be able to press.

fawn friday said...

No love, it is all on one side for 8 (or what ever) steps...
1)lunge out with the KB in the rack, 2)Press the KB, 3)Neg press the KB, 4)Step up to standing 5)step out into a lunge with the other leg and repeat the sequence... I alway pair push-ups with lunges so at the end of the 8 steps, eight push-ups, Switch the rack side and proceed with another lunge presses.

Aaron Friday said...

Sorry babes.