Saturday, June 9, 2007

Thursday and Friday

On Wednesday evening I met up with my Z Health guy, Mike. He was working with one of my favorite clients. The main complaint was a very tight and irritating IT band. The first couple of joint "movements" didn't change much... however after the hip circles were preformed, a remarkable change in gate happened. That was pretty cool to see. My client could only tolerate about an hour of working with Z on that Wednesday... it must be very stimulating to the CNS.

I also got my very first Z health assessment from Mike. It was the end of a long day, so unfortunately my CNS didn't have much left to work with. My upper traps were very tight, along with my entire back... no wonder, I think I have been over working my posterior chain the past few days between back bends and KB snatches.... Mike gave me some thoracic Z movements. Mike is a way cool guy, interesting to talk to, I am looking forward to working with Z and Mike more.

I have started a couple group Kettlebell classes at Golds as well as The Press Gym. So, I haven't been doing anything for my own workout... I feel like all the demos I have been doing, plus I do work along with the group... is enough right now. I have been working mostly standing yoga asana and forward bends along with some hip opening postures.

Well, I have to get to the gym.

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