Wednesday, June 6, 2007

Two on Tuesday...

I had my first group Kettlebell class at Gold's. Everything went well, 5 people showed up, all at various levels, which made things challenging. I really want the group classes to work out, I am working too much.

For my workout, I wanted to train snatches for time, to make Andrea's one minute snatch classes not so sucky.... plus I was very inspired by Tracy's SSST.

Swings for warm up 16kg - 20 X2

Snatches with my Gymboss 30 seconds on 30 seconds rest with the 16kg - 5Left/5Right - 10 minutes total. I consistently got 12 reps per 30 second interval on both left and right. The SSST in not in my near future, not by a long shot.

OH Press - 16kg 5L/5R X3
16kg is pretty heavy for me, it was a real challenge.... I was sick of being stuck on 4 reps with the 16kg, so I powered through that last 5th.,

Step back lunges 16kg - 8/8right - 8/8right X3 I like lunges

I finished work early today, Aaron and I had a little workout in the front yard. The weather was beautiful, and I love training with Aaron....

Swings for a warm up, then snatches with the 12kg

Snatches 16kg - 10L/10R X3

Double Front Squat - Push Press - 16/16kg 6 X3
The most challenging part is the double clean... simply to rack the K'bells. I have tried this lift with the 20kgs, the double clean is just barely doable.


Tracy said...

Damn you and those 16kg's! Damn, damn, damn. I was just thinking of going a little lighter today, but fuck that! And 20's???? Bitch!

fawn friday said...

Sweet! Tracy called my a bitch... that is like the biggest complement! Hey, I HAVE to pick up a 20kg, because there is no way I could come close to your stamina, Tracy...

Aaron Friday said...

Hahahahahahahahaha! Good stuff.