Sunday, July 8, 2007

Farmer's Market

Sunday mornings I go to the Saint Paul Farmer's Market. The Saint Paul Farmer's Market is one of the nation's best. One thing that makes this market so special is that everyone who sells at the Saint Paul Farmer's Market has to grow or make the items within 50 miles of the Saint Paul City limits.

I try to eat seasonally. I can only try because this is Minnesota, and the growing season allows for fresh vegetable from about May to October. I try to get all the week's produce, flowers, some meat and cheese from the FM. This is what I got for this week.

Sweet corn showed up for the first time this season today. Corn is a grain, not a vegetable so I only eat it when it is in season or when it is a corn chip.

This week I made some Curried Sweet Corn Stew. It has Sweet Corn, Cauliflower, Zucchini, Chicken (i don't believe the thing about it making you weak), Tomatoes, Garlic, Ginger and Curry Power from Penzy. It is a little on the spicy side, so it might be best served over a grain like rice or quinoa. I also made a yogurt sauce with lemon, basil and green onion for a garnish. Generally I like to leave curry to the experts... the Indians, North Africans and Asians. Curry powder and paste is medicinal (good for inflammation), so occasionally I make exceptions.

The Chinese say that chicken supplements the qi (chi) and blood, warms the internal, and invigorates the kidneys; treats poor appetite and diarrhea. We don't eat chicken often... it just happens to be a coincidence that we are having it both this week and last week. I think it is the warm weather that is making it appealing to me.


Tracy said...

God damn it!!! I swear I've thought sooooo many times about taking a picture of my Whole Foods/farmers market shopping trips!!! You beat me to it...shit! Now I'm going to look like a "copy cat".

As you know I eat a ton af veggies and it's so empowering and inspiring to shop and purchase gorgeous, living, seasonal foods! I love it!

That's it, you've shamed me into getting closer to actually following through on some of my food ideas, (notice I said getting closer, and not DOING IT!). What's with the block, I don't know.

fawn said...


Memories are short in blogland... Snap a photo, lets see what you have over on the west coast for seasonal food!

AikiBudo said...

Nice feast Fawn,
I guess Tracy will just have to get over it. (sorry Tracy)

I don't know about chicken making you weak either. When I made my comments, they mostly were a digestion related issue.

Also, a free-range bird is going to be much healthier than those poor industrially raised creatures most people eat. The taste and nutritional profile would also be reflected in how they were raised (as well as their chi!)

I don't know how much you know about the blood type diet, but it advises against eating chicken if you are blood type B.
Some people intuitively figure that out, Pavel possibly in that category.

A smart Chiro, who was one of my mentors once told me; "How you feel about what you are eating is at least as important as WHAT you are eating!" Enjoy your chicken!

Mark Reifkind said...

nothing healthier, imo, than locally grown organic food. can't beat local and in season.that stuff looks beautiful.
that little wife of mine isnt the least bit competitive now is she? LoL.

Aaron Friday said...

Good point, Jim. Attitude is extremely important. It's just so much easier to have a good attitude about pure, whole foods that taste great.

fawn said...

Jim, I thought the same thing... Pavel must be a blood type B. No chicken. I am an O neg.

I never used to like chicken... we raised chickens when I was a kid, it was my job to look after them, long story short... I didn't eat chicken for a long time.

Truth is I feel much when I eat animal flesh...

fawn said...


Tracy's competitiveness is part of her charm! I would still be content to do 10 rep snatches if it wasn't for Tracy. Just so you know... you and Aaron are really lucky to be married to women who love to cook good food.

AikiBudo said...

2nd that about lucky Fawn,
I always appreciate good home cooking. I will shop and wash dishes to prove it.

Know anyone available who likes to cook I could meet? ;)