Monday, July 2, 2007

Grease the Groove....

is so awesome! I did pull-ups all day long, well 6 times today. I could have done more but I got distracted mid day. BW pull-ups are so much easier than weighted... I did 4 Pullups easily every time. I am kind of sad the day is over... I would like to do some more, they felt so good! I wonder how I will feel tomorrow.

The other training today went like the pullups... kind of sprinkled in throughout the day. This morning at the gym I had about 15 minutes to myself, so being inspired by Taikei, I worked on some bottoms up cleans and presses with the 12kg. Right side was consistent and pressed up pretty easy, left side... not so much.

I went home for lunch and did some yoga practice. Standing Asana, forward bends and twists. The twists are feeling much better. My rib thing must be all better.

Before I left the gym I worked some snatches with the 16kg... I set the timer for a minute to see if I could get 30 snatches in a minute. Not really... I did 15 left, and 12 right, so about 27 snatches. That about killed me so I did two more sets of 15l/15r, no timer and packed it in and went home for the day.


Taikei Matsushita said...

30 snatches per minutes is nerve wrecking. Key is to go nuts.

My weighted pull up was a bust by the way. I need a good rope.
Got a weight belt, 24kg KB connected with "elastic" rope.
I went up, the bell stayed on the ground.
Well, much worse than that. 24kg was a bit too much, have to admit it.

Aaron Friday said...


Our dipping belt is from It's really good, and only $24.95 USD.

Tracy said...

30 snatches w/16kg in 1 joke! That's fast! Something to shoot for.

I'm just now starting to get serious about training for the SSST w/16...1 minute is worlds away from 10 minutes! 2 minutes is worlds away! 10 minutes without putting it down, going fast...I don't know if it's possible!

fawn friday said...

Tracy, If anyone can do 10 minutes with the 16kg, it would be you! Fast snatches do not come naturally to me... I will take Taikei's advice and go nuts next time I try for time.

Mike T Nelson said...

Looks like you will be all set for the TSC this Sept here at Docs gym in Minneapolis!!
Mike N