Saturday, July 7, 2007

Hot weather workouts...

The weather here in Minnesota has been very hot... it's 97 degrees right now. Yesterday it was 92 degrees... I do not like hot weather. I feel low on energy, I've lost my appetite, and I am irritable. My workouts have been a lower intensity than I would like... I just don't have the energy and I am too irritable to push myself. However, today I had a workout given to me from Taikei. I made it a short but effective workout.

Full Front Squat to a Push Press; Double 16kg's - 8 reps, 3 sets
About 3 minutes rest between sets.

I did two sets with double 20kg's, but as Taikei predicted I could only do 3 reps, and very shaky effortful reps they were. Plus I've been GTG with pull-ups. Not so much today, because I am not going to go outside in the heat to do some pull-ups, I will have to wait until tonight to get some more in.


Aaron Friday said...

Doing any workout in this heat is enough IMO, especially full squat/press. Nice work.

Mark Reifkind said...

these are the workouts that count the most. its easy to train when you feel good.

Taikei Matsushita said...

Great job on long push press. I Got this from Pavel's Enter the Kettlebell bonus video clip, and Brett Jones DVD(Kettlebell Basics for Strength Coaches and Personal Trainers).

Brett's DVD is amazing.

AikiBudo said...

I agree with you both Aaron and Rif. But the heat made me miserable too. I wussed out and cleaned up my basement instead. It was nice and cool yesterday (I have no AC and live in an upstairs flat - 90 degrees in there this weekend!)

Today after the storm came through it feels warm! That's Minnesota weather for ya! (youbetcha)