Saturday, July 14, 2007

A long week...

I feel like I had a long week of training. Last night Aaron wanted to workout, I already did some training earlier with my Friday morning class, plus I did quite a lot of demonstrating. There was no way I was going to let Aaron train on his own. I love training KB's! I would feel like Aaron was going to a party with out me if he trained and I didn't. Friday training went like this...

Pyramid single had swings 20kg - 5/5 up one to 10/10 back to 5/5

Dragon Walks - 16kg

S+C+FSQ+PP+NP - 16kg 4/4 x 3

Snatches 12kg - 10L/10R/10L/10R

Then Aaron's workout

S+C+FSQ+PP+NP - Started with a 12kg, got energized some where around the 3rd set switched to the 16kg. This workout really hit my abs!

DARC's 30 on 30 rest, again started with the 12, switched to the 16 along the way, can't remember where.

I woke up feeling a little tight in my low back and adductors... it has been a long time since KB's made my muscles sore a place other than my mid-back (lats and middle traps).

Today's work out... all 16kg

Swings - 10X2

Double Cleans 10X3

Double C+FSQ+PP+NP 5x3

Dragon Walks


Abs for Angie

Pull-ups 5X5

I am looking forward to fewer pull-ups next week. Hopefully I will miss them in a week.

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