Sunday, July 1, 2007

Open Hips; Release Sacrum

Yoga on Sunday at Neti Neti, Lisa always asks for requests. Just one more thing to love about Lisa. Someone asked for some sacrum work. Perfect, I could always work on my lower lumbar, hips and sacrum. So many muscles attach there, it is a tight spot for lots of people.

When I got home Aaron asked what we did in yoga class today, so, here I am in our funky room in front of the television showing off some yoga postures. I hope William hasn't found my blog yet... he will puke for sure (not really, he is pretty cool). This is a big hip and sacrum release Asana... Pasasana, it means "noose" in Sanskrit. I'm not sure what the name of the standing version is called I haven't tried this before today. Standing on one foot changes the posture remarkably because of the repositioning of the hips. It felt great.

One way of working this posture if you don't have the mobility to acutally wrap your hands... use a strap or belt and work on pulling yourself through. Once you get the traction behind your back, it is much easier to pull through with your chest.

At the end of class we did something pretty cool. With a partner... one person laying supine, knees to chest, the other actually sat on the others shins. Felt wonderful on sacrum.

Pull-up plan... this week is Grease the Groove. I think I did about 3 sets of 3 pull-ups on the close line poles. A method I really like! However, my left lat is sore. I must have some imbalance. oops. I will have to correct that this week.


AikiBudo said...

Wow Fawn!
So you actually start in the squat with your arm wrapped around and THEN stand up? Too much for me right now.

Say, I found out one of my old friends (another Chiro) used to go to William years ago and said he is the greatest. When/where are his classes? I have to check it out. He is the real deal.

Mark Reifkind said...

no wonder you have such a good overhead squat and pistol! serious hip mobibity and strength. well done. like the new picture as well. A serious pistol.

Aaron Friday said...

Stay fresh, babes. GTG won't work if you exhaust yourself and require recuperation time.

Aaron Friday said...

I just want you to know that I could do that, too, if I were Fawn.

fawn friday said...


Yep, William is a pretty big deal teacher. He is at the Minneapolis Yoga Workshop. He has a web site with class info on it. This city is lucky to have such a world class talent in town. He has a bunch of beginner classes. If you are at all interested in yoga... go to his classes. My standing joke with him is that I will wait to teach yoga in this town until he either - dies, retires or moves away. He is the REAL teacher in this city... Lisa is pretty good too.

Silvanus said...

I believe the standing version is a variation of bird of paradise...baddha svarga dvijasana?