Tuesday, July 3, 2007

Training Tuesday...

My class at Gold's was two of my best clients and my friend Angela. All are experienced with KB's and can do all the basics proficiently, so I got my workout in too, Andrea style.

Swings to warm up, single hand and double hand.

Swing + Clean; 20kg 5L/5R
Cleans - single hand only; 20kg 10L/10R X2

Walking Lunge, KB in rack, press at the bottom - I should just call this the Angela Lunge, she loves it so much - 12kg; 9 steps out and 9 back X2

Swing + Snatch - 16kg; 5L/5R
Snatch - 16kg; 12L/12R X3

TGU's - 20kg; Very challenging on my left side... in retrospect, maybe I should have moved this closer to the top of the list. Anyway, did 2 on each side.

We ended with Abs... because Ang loves abs. I complained quietly in my head, and on my blog.

GTG Pull ups; 5 reps 1 set, 4 reps 3 sets... so far.

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Aaron Friday said...

Nice workout. Lots of different stuff.