Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Tuesday training

After a weekend of eating shamefully (Aaron's family had a reunion)... I finally got a good workout in. Andrea had a drop in class and for once the heat worked my my favor and I was the only person to show up. So, I got a private lesson!

Snatches 16kg - 12L/12R, 10L/10R, 8L/8R, 6L/6R

Figure 8's with a bottoms up clean 12kg - a lot

Windmills - Andrea really drilled me on technique.

Step back lunges - a lot


I also got my Harry Potter book. So I have my fun summer read!


AikiBudo said...

Wow Fawn! What a treat. A Private Lesson with a Sr. RKC. Cool!

Say, I think the figure 8 exercise you did is called:

Figure 8 to a Hold. They are in the Bonus part of the ETK DVD.

I really like 'em!

PS: I'm psyched because I am having my first Kettlebell only clients tomorrow! (not converted from my patients)

Aaron Friday said...

Good for you, love! Nice workout, too.

Jim, any trick to getting the DVD bonus pieces to work on a PC?

fawn said...

Jim, I think you are right, they are called "hold" and not "clean". However, you can make the exercise a "clean" instead of a "hold".

I know, wasn't I lucky to have had Andrea all to myself!

AikiBudo said...

Yeah, major trick Aaron. I had to #$@% around with it forever. The only solution I found is to download the Interactual DVD player that comes with the bonus and view it on that. Good luck!

By far this is the WORST thing I have ever found about anything related to Dragon Door. It's really annoying. Everything else they do is class all the way.

Aaron Friday said...

After watching ETK, I'm even more interested in proper technique. Maybe I'll try an "exercise a day" scheme, including windmills, and spend some quality time really learning the exercises. They all feel really good in their own way.

Jim, I tried that without success, but I have Windows Vista. We'll try it on Fawn's XP 'puter. Good to know it may eventually work.

Franz Snideman said...

Nice Training Fawn! Keep it up Yoganator

Kettlebell Lady said...

I'm so jelous...private lesson?