Thursday, July 12, 2007

Twice on Thursday

I got two workouts in today. I went to Andrea's mid-week class, which was my "real" workout. Then I worked out with my class tonight at Gold's. I really like the way Andrea works out with us, she keeps a close eye on the class, while giving us an opportunity to really watch and study her form.

I haven't been to Andrea's class for almost two weeks... it is necessary for me to train with another instructor. I always tell my clients how important it is to have a second set of eyes to look out for your form. Plus, it is motivating to train with someone better than you are. I also think training with another instructor help me be a better instructor.

I also did my 5x5 pull-ups today. I am looking forward to a back off week. I don't love pull-ups as much as I did two weeks ago.

Andrea's Class...

Clean and Press 16kg - 5L/5R, 4L/4R, 3L/3R
20kg - 2L/2R, 1L/1R

Seated See Saw Presses - 16/16kg - 5

OH Press on one leg - 12kg 6L/6R

Snatch 16kg - 10X3

Single leg DL's - 20kg, 16kg 6/6x2

Single arm chest press



Aaron Friday said...

Nothing like forcing yourself to do something to take the fun out of it.

When you start adding more weight than you did before, it should get more fun.

Taikei Matsushita said...

Press is getting close to lady's beast!!
Make Andrea watch your press and ask where the power is leaking from for 20kg press or 16kg press. Whether not recruiting lats muscle early enough, wrist not straight, good but not enough posture etc. Every detail counts as it gets heavier.