Thursday, August 16, 2007

Heavy Snatches... for me

This is part of my strategy for the TSC... I don't have much time to prepare, so I am also trying to not hurt myself. I took Brett's advice to Aaron and trained heavy (for me) so the 16kg would seam a lighter.

Single arm pyramid swings; 20kg - 5/5 up to 10/10, back to 5/5
This was actually a "demo"workout with one of the big power lifter guys at The Press. He seamed to really like the KB's. Hopefully he will be back for more.

Snatch; 20kg - 10/10, 8/8, 6/6
Surprisingly my right side was weaker... I really have to snap my hips to pop the bell up, especially after fatigue.


Aaron Friday said...

Excellent job with the heavy bell. I expect that will help with the 16. Next up is for me to try it.

Taikei Matsushita said...

90% the population in Asia aren't capable of snatching 20kg. You're strong.

fawn said...

Taikei, I was thinking about you when I reached reps after 6... when you snatch that 32kg kb, you are totally solid.

Aaron, You are so totally strong, you could snatch the 32kg if you really wanted.

AikiBudo said...

Wow Fawn,
sets like that with the 20 is impressive. You'll do great at the TSC, I'm sure.

fawn said...

Jim, you should join us in the TSC... it will be fun. We are planing on competing at Kinetic Edge, Brad Nelson's place in Maplewood.