Wednesday, August 22, 2007

More DL's, Another PR

Aaron and I started training Deadlifts last summer. This was the first time I ever really did DL's. By January I was maxed out at 225. Sometimes I would get it, sometimes I would miss it. I had several things working against me...
Long work days (training 8-12 clients daily)
Shit nutrition (back to back clients for 10 hours leave no time to eat food)
Low self confidence (once I miss a lift, I am mentally destroyed)

Now I am training for the TSC. I started pulling DL's again for the first time since January. I have to say I am surprised by my sudden increase in numbers. So, what has changed...
Kettlebells, I train almost everyday (not a lot, not real hard)
Z-Health, something new I have been goofing around with, feels like it makes a difference
Work less (4-8 clients a day)... frankly, I don't like to work very hard, I need lots of time to myself
Nutrition; more veggies, more animal flesh, more consistent with better supplements

Things that have stayed the same...
Yoga 3-4 times a week (really should be 5-6)
Weight same, 123lbs (has been the same for a few years)
Nutrition; it's hit and miss - sometimes I can't get it together enough to plan my food day... I end up eating most of my food in the evening. oops.

Another DL workout with Aaron at the Press

135X5 - C
185X5 - C
205X1 - C
225X1 - S
225X1 - S
245X1- S
245X1- S
225X1 - C

My energy wasn't the greatest... nutrition wasn't the greatest either (wasn't hungry). No matter, everything went up very smoothly.


Royce said...

My swing is the exact groove of my DL. KB's kick ass as a DL assistance move!!

fawn said...

Royce, I always suspected this about KB's and DL's... experiencing the difference is way cool! Now I just have to convince the PLers at The Press Gym to take my KB class. I would love to work with athletes!

Mike T Nelson said...

Nice work on the DLs! Since the TSC is coming up soon, you may consider tapering off the singles and just grooving the technique.

Maybe we could do a "joint" (hahaha) class at the Press with some Z and KBs is in order? Sounds good to me-let me know.

Nice job!
Mike N

Mark Reifkind said...


fawn said...

Mike, I would be honored to do a Joint class with you!