Monday, August 27, 2007

Out of Town...

I am out of town visiting my Grandfather with my Aunt Cait and cousin Leah. We are in Pequot Lakes Minnesota. I brought my KBs in an attempt to get a little training in.

Thursday; I did a little training... I can't remember what

Friday; I did some swings; 1 minute on 30 seconds rest, overhead presses, and something else

Saturday; I worked out with my class - swings, snatches, single leg squats

Sunday; Drove in the car - yuck!

Monday - Swings and Snatches; 12kg - 30 seconds on 30 seconds, 30 minutes

Tuesday - Drive home- I need to do some yoga asana

1 comment:

Aaron Friday said...

Being stuck in a car sucks on so many levels. Glad you got some work in anyway. Those trips are usually a wash.