Thursday, August 2, 2007

Training with Andrea

I went to Andrea's drop in class. I wanted to hear how I-Phase went and she didn't disappoint! I got both my visual and vestibular tested. Way cool stuff. Now, I will have to learn more about it.
This is our workout, I was feeling weak again today, so I took the weight down a notch... I don't know what is wrong with me, no injuries... just weak. Oh well, train any way.

30 swings - 16kg

Snatches - 12kg,10L/10R x 3

30 swings - 16kg

Snatches - 12kg, 10L/10R x3

Waiters walk - 16kg L/R

Rows - 16kg, 6L/6R

Pushups - 10

Chest Press - 12kg 6/6


Mike T Nelson said...

How did the visual and vestibular tests go? How are the Z drills if you had a positive test?

If you start Z work with the eye or head tilt position, it works great (if you needed it). I have noticed that it can be a little more CNS intensive too. I find myself needing more sleep for the first few days.

I had the chance to meet Andrea in person (finally) at I Phase in AZ and it was great!

Mike N

fawn said...

I tested "soft" for the vestibular. I didn't get any drills out of her, but we did get to talk about Z.

I need to schedule appointments for Aaron and myself with you. Then some tire flippin'...