Wednesday, August 8, 2007

Tuesday's Workout

I had another light day, everything with a 12kg

Snatch - 10L/10R X3

Snatches 1 minute work, 1 minute rest - 2 Left, 2 Right; finally some good news, my snatch reps went up for one minute of work. I only did 2 sets, but left side hit 29 both sets, and right side hit 30 both sets. Then my grip gassed out... I finished with 30 seconds Left and 30 seconds Right.

OH Presses - 8/8 X3 - seam as my OH Presses have been sucking so much lately I went light and for high reps (eight is high for me). My intention was to stimulate my nervous system... I'm trying to really focus on my lats.

That was it, short workout between clients at Gold's.


Aaron Friday said...

Doing the light reps is a great idea, as long as they're fast and not too tiring. Stimulating, like you said, but not "annihilating."

Your presses should see improvement if you continue to alternate heavy and light like this, grooving your form the whole time.

LOL! Like I'm a trainer. Don't take my own advice.

fawn said...

Love, you are a natural athlete... I wish I could have HALF movement intuition you have.