Sunday, August 5, 2007

Weekend Training...

Saturday I took another light day. I actually didn't really "train" but I did teach a Kettlebell class. There was a new student, so that meant a lot of demonstrating. Plus, when I teach a class, I try to workout along with the class. My intention is to offer a visual demonstration. Andrea does this and I find it very helpful for learning proper form. Plus, my students have actually asked me to teach this way... This is what I did along with my Press Gym Saturday Class...

Swings - 16kg; 20X3

Single Hand Swings - 16kg; 5/5 pyramid up to 10/10 back down to 5/5

OH Press - 16kg; 5/5, 5R/4L (failed one left), 4R/3L (went for 5/5 failed) I would have grabbed a lighter KB, but I was short on 12's... I was stuck demonstrating with the 16

Front Squats - 16kg; 5/5x3 - this weight is super boring, but I was teaching so it didn't matter.

We ended with some abs (for my friend Ang) and stretching.

Sunday - Yoga at Neti Neti.

I got lost on my way to class today due to traffic redirection because of the bridge collapse. I arrived 5 minutes late... just in time for a head stand. Lisa doesn't usually include headstand in her class, so this was a pleasant surprise. Headstand is excellent for the nervous system. Today's class was a lower key... very nice, good for restoring the nervous system. We also did a lot of hip work, great for me, my hips can get tight.

Lisa asked me to teach Kettlebells at Neti Neti. I am very flattered, and will start classes the first week of September. I already have one student promising to attend... Deb, a yoga comrade, who is friend from a previous (restaurant) life. I am really looking forward to doing classes at Neti Neti, this will be great for the yoga people.

*Pistol Training with Aaron

Aaron wanted to do pistols when I got home from Yoga, I couldn't resist...

24kg - 1/1
16kg - 1/1
16kg - 2/2
16kg - 2/2
24kg - 1/1


Aaron Friday said...

Leading the classes is definitely a workout. That's some respectable volume.

Mike T Nelson said...

Nice work on getting the new KB class going!
Rock on
Mike N