Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Z-Health Deadlift Session

I am lucky enough to have a Z Health practitioner only two miles from the Gold's Gym I work at. I have brought Mike a few clients of mine who experience pain that I can't seam to help.

I finally decided to treat myself to a Z session of my own. Mike offered to do a Z/DL session... perfect timing, I am considering participating in the TSC next month. I haven't pulled since April, before the RKC Certification. My last PR was in January... I pulled 225. I have also been very insecure about my DL form. Having yoga as my main practice has made me very conscientious about form and alignment. My DL has never been painful, but I have always felt like my technique needed refinement.

I have been telling Aaron about Z for months now... he has been reading about it on the blogs, he finally decided to check it out. He joined me in Mike's garage to see for himself what this is all about.

The session started out with Mike observing my DL form... 135x5, 155x5, 185x3, 205x1, 215x1. I hit a sticking point pulling 215 and my hamstrings felt "crunchy". The lift went up fine but I didn't feel like I could even try for 225. Mike checked my Glut Med and Hamstrings, sure enough... they weren't firing properly. I did a few outside toe pulls and lateral ankle tilts. Mike also adjusted my form. I tend to over arch my back and throw my head back. Throwing my head back is going to be something I really have to train out of my lift. I will be practicing GTG to correct that.

I pulled 135, felt much better, but still had crunchy hams. Did some elbow circles (slowly), felt much better. I raised the weight to 185, felt great. Raised the weight again up to 205, easy. I had to try 215... went up much easier than the first. Mike has a video of the before and after lifts at 215.

This training session was at 8pm. This is pretty late for me. I get up at 5am and work all day. When I left Mike's house it was 10pm, I am usually sleeping on the couch by then. Instead I felt better leaving than I did when I showed up! If you are interested in refining your DL, I would recommend seeing a Z health certified trainer... if you live in Minnesota and care anything about form... call Mike Nelson, he guarantees his work, if you don't improve, you don't pay.


Mike T Nelson said...

WOW! Thanks for the super nice words! I didn't even request this I swear (check is in the mail--wink wink). Seriously I appreciate the kind words, both you and Aaron did AWESOME and did the "heavy lifting" Excellent work and I am so excited to what you end up pulling.

I have the videos and will get them up in about a week or. The second one was much smoother and faster.

I expect Aaron to past me up in deadlifts by the end of the year and you will be pulling an easy 225 in no time!

Excellent work.
See ya at the TSC!!
Mike N

Aaron Friday said...

Mike, thanks for your help last night. That was an eye-opener for me, and I appreciate it. I posted about it on my blog, too.

I don't see passing you up on deadlifts, but if I do, it's a testament to your instruction. Either way, I'll enjoy them more and benefit more from now on.

AikiBudo said...
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AikiBudo said...

Great post Fawn! I'll be looking up Mike!

fawn said...

Aki, good to hear... I will be interested to hear how your session goes.