Sunday, September 30, 2007

Deadlift Day

Aaron wants to do a Gym day once a week, for Deadlifts. Sunday is looking like it is going to be the day. I guess that will be alright.

I have my Vinyasa Yoga class with Lisa at Neti-Neti at 10am on Sundays. Lisa is a certified Ashtanga instructor. She did most of her training with David Swensen, who I am told is an awesome teacher. Ashtanga Vinyasa Yoga is a series of specific postures done in a series... known as the Primary Series and The Secondary Series (i think). I have never learned the traditional Ashtanga series. When I practice yoga on my own it is usually in a Vinyasa style. When I say "Vinyasa style" I mean a "flowing" style.

What I am trying to say is Lisa's class can be pretty demanding. We did a bunch of backbends, and hip opening asana. Just what I needed... When I got home I ate a bunch of food, rested a little and then Aaron and I hit the gym.

This is what I did...

Conventional Deadlifts -
135 X 5
185 X 5
205 X 3
205 X 3
215 X 2

Sumo Deadlifts -
215 X 3
215 X 3
215 X 3

Deadlifts today were tough, but doable. My energy was low, the weather is rainy, and it is Sunday... aka lazy day for Fawn Friday.

Front Squats -
95 X5
115 X 5
135 X 5
115 X 5
115 X 5

95lbs was pretty easy and I was able to drop ATG, 135 was killer... it was all I could do to get my hips down to the level of my knees. Looking back I wish I would have just warmed up with 95lbs and maybe stuck to sets of 3 at 120lbs and challenge my ROM. Oh well.

Friday, September 28, 2007

Sots Press - Pistol Style

I did a lot of demonstrations today, that combined with my workout with Nick yesterday has made my hands pretty sore. I have a low threshold for pain... so, when I got home I wanted to keep my workout short and low reps. I have been working in back bends into my standing asana and Surya Namskara... back bends are coming back. Plus they make my back and shoulders feel better.

I really wanted to try the snatch with the 24kg again. I wanted to make sure my 5/5 yesterday wasn't a fluke.

Snatches; 24kg - 5L/5R X 5

Challenging but doable.

What to do next???

The night I worked out at Brad Nelson's Kinetic Edge, Brad told me about the Sots Press, pistol style. It's a Steve Cotter move. Ever since then I have wanted to put that lift into my rotation. I'm not very good at it yet... here is the before picture. I will post a up date when I get better. I love leg stuff... finally, the glory of short legs!

Sots Press - Pistol Style, right side 12kg... in the funky workout room.

Thursday, September 27, 2007

A workout with Nick

I had a training session with the new trainer at Gold's, Nick Jasken. He participated in the TSC with very little KB experience and no real preparation. Nick does have two things working in his favor; 1. He has a lot of heart. He loves being a trainer, he is a natural athlete, he is eager to learn. 2. He is a 21 year old guy.

We worked out together today. This is what we did...

Swings; 20kg - 30 seconds on, 30 seconds rest - 10 minutes

Presses; 16kg - 5L/5R x 2

Windmills; 16kg - 3L/3R x 3

Double Clean Double FSQ; 16/16kg - 5 reps, 3 sets

Then Nick wanted to work his DL. That is the glory of working out with a 21 year old guy. Luckily he only wanted to do 3 sets...

135 x 5
185 x 5 x 2

It was a good workout, plus he looks just like my brother. Nick is planning on taking the RKC in April, I told him I would work with him and help him prepare. It was like working out with my little brother. It was fun!

Oh, yeah, one more kinda cool thing... earlier today during a demonstration I snatched the 24kg five times each side.

Monday, September 24, 2007

Weekend Workout

Aaron and I went up to Alexandria to visit his parents at their lake home. We brought our kettlebells and got a workout in.

Sunday Morning Workout

Swings; 20kg - 1 minute work 1 minute rest x 7
OMG swings for a whole minute with the 20kg was really tough! I averaged 37-40 swings per minute, after 7 sets I had to jump in the lake. The plan was 10 sets, but I wimped out.

Sunday Afternoon

I didn't really workout. I did however give my brother-in-law some KB instruction. After that I pressed the 20kg twice... two singles, not two in a row. Only on my right side... left side (teres, infraspinatus, and middle traps) is still spasming off and on. Not much strength, very annoying. I need to get over to Mike's for some Z.

Friday, September 21, 2007

Thursday workout

It was a quick one...

Swings 20kg - 20X2

Snatches 20kg - 10/10X3

Goofed around a little with a few different lifts... pistol with an oh press (Sots press), 12kg; both left and right.
Pressed the 20kg, right side only twice. Left was a no go twice.

Everything felt great, wish I had time for a little more training. I have two classes on Thursday now, so that means a lot more demonstration. Oh, well.

Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Workout at Kinetic Edge

Aaron and I went to Kinetic Edge for a workout from Brad Nelson tonight. It was a really fun workout! Brad split up our circut into 12 stations...

1. Mountain Climbers
2. Renegade Rows
3. Thrusters
4. High Pulls
5. Straight Leg DL's
6. Rest
7. Mountain Climbers
9. Rope Pull-ups
10. High Pulls (other side)
11. Thrusters (other side)
12. Rest

Thirty seconds at each station, 10 seconds to collect your wits and switch stations, four times through! Holy Crap! Now I know why Brad's gf Jordan kicked my ass in the snatch part on the TSC. That is more cardio than I normally do in a whole week. Excellent workout Brad... thanks for handing me my ass on a tray.

I am very honored to be filling in for Brad at Kinetic Edge this coming weekend on Saturday. Hopefully, I will be making more appearances to teach classes in the future!

Class up-date. I am also teaching a Kettlebell class at Neti-Neti yoga studio, which is also a huge honor. Lisa is a fantastic yoga teacher and I am thrilled to have been asked to teach Kettlebells at her place. Kettlebell classes are on Thursdays at 5pm.

Sunday, September 16, 2007

Goofed up Rhomboid...

I had a motorcycle accident about 6 years ago. No real bad injuries... but ever since then I have occasional muscle spasms in my rhomboids, upper and middle traps and infraspinatus. When I got up out of bed this morning I felt my rhomboids and infraspinatus wind up in spasm. Very annoying and painful. Damn it all to hell.

I went to yoga in hopes of a release. Lisa always asks for requests... I asked for upper thoracic releasing postures. Yoga was helpful, but I am still in spasm. I worked some Z drills... elbow circle, glides, and cam shafts. Relief, but still bugging me. I have a low tolerance for long term (more than a couple minutes) of pain. Stick presses, nope. Damn it to hell.

Aaron's brother came over for some KB lesson today! Way cool! Aaron's brother is an accomplished powerlifter and I am thrilled to have an opportunity to discuss weight training with such a pro! He has a standing record in North Dakota in the Bench Press.

I did a few presses, swings, cleans and snatches in an attempt to work out the spasm (it's still there) as well as to demonstrate KBs. Well, I think I have successfully persuaded another Friday! He wants his own KB and is asking about classes! Cool! Two down and two to go (mom and dad)!

Well, I am going to cry about my shoulder some more. I am a big cry baby!

Friday, September 14, 2007

Mail from Ohio

Something arrived in the mail from Ohio today... it was t-shirts from Doug Nepodal's place, Better Bodies of Medina BBOM! Aaron and I tried the shirts on right away and broke them in with a KB work out. It was "I go you go" style.

Double Swings; 16kgs - 12 reps, 10 sets

Wednesday, September 12, 2007

More on Backbends and Deadlifts...

Something I have come to understand today at William's... Backbends and Deadlifts are contradictory. If I want to train DL's regularly and still keep active in my backbends, I am going to have to be more vigilant with backbend practice.

What I have noticed in backbend practice today...

*Intercostals are tighter, making it harder to breath

*Lumbar spine less mobile

*Thoracic spine less mobile

*Glutes, Quads and Hams gassed out quickly, seriously... my buns ache.

*Overall much more difficult than I ever remember. Honestly, I don't remember backbends ever being so tough! This used to be a strength for me, so I'm not worried about regaining my backbend losses... just interesting to feel the impact of DLs on back body mobility. LOL!

Focus in today's BB class - Lifting the outer ankle and extending the inner ankle, keeping the weight toward the big toe side of the foot for a more balanced anchor in the foot.`

We drilled extending up into backbends on our toes, anchoring the big toe ball mound, as we extended the heals to the floor, we pressed big toe side of the heal first... facilitating an even ankle extension.

Excellent class like always!

Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Presses and Pistols

Aaron and I banged out a few grinds today...

Double Cleans, Double Presses - 16kg
The last set of three was the easiest! I haven't trained presses for a while so the whole thing was a BIG challenge.

Pistols - 16kg
Tough but doable.

Good workout.

Sunday, September 9, 2007

What I have learned from the TSC

I've had a day to reflect on the TSC, this is what I have learned...

Mistakes I Made -

The biggest mistake I made was trying for the 12th pull-up. I spent as much energy trying for that 12th pull-up as I spent doing 11... That pull-up was the cheatiest, suckiest, saddest pull-up in history. Plus I got headache that lasted the rest of the day from pushing my chin toward the bar.

We didn't bring anything to eat. This event lasted 3 hours, by the time we left Aaron and I were both totally depleted. Depleted to the point where Aaron took the wrong road home and I didn't notice. We brought water and Emergen-C, but not protein shakes or food.

I ate a bunch of "treat" food latter that day. I avoid wheat, processed meat, deep fried and sugar as much as I can. After the TSC I ordered some take-out from my favorite Vietnamese dive, Saigon. Two Saigon Sandwiches and a Combination Salad latter... I wasn't feeling too special. A little treat food is fine, a few times a week... pigging out on treat food all day is no good. Now my face is broken out, and I have a food hangover. I would have been better off just eating a grass-fed, free range steak, a salad and ONE treat thing.

Things that Went Right-

Actually participating... gave me a goal with a date attached.

Vinyasas and Z drills between DL attempts. I feel great! No low back soreness... no butt muscle pain... only my medial tricep is a little tiny bit sore. Triceps are usually sore after DL's for me. Weird.

I made good choices on DL weights... challenging, but not overwhelming.

I ate light that morning and drank plenty of water.

Saturday, September 8, 2007


Aaron and I just got home from from the TSC... we had a great time! There were 10 total competitors; seven men and 3 women. A very nice showing for us folks in Minnesota.

This is our group - Top row starting with the blond guy (a new co-worker at Gold's) Nick Jasken, Joe Pavel, Mike Nelson, Brad Ellingson, Laurion Burchall, and Brad Nelson. The shorties on the bottom row - Bruce Wuollena, Aaron Friday, me, Jordan Hansen, and Arlene Kim.

Arlene Kim, Jordan Hansen, and I were the three ladies. Arlene and Jordan are very strong. All of our Deadlifts were over 225lbs, and we all did at least 9 pull-ups. That is amazing... I never see women at Gold's doing anything close to 200lb DLs, and I have only seen three women do pull-ups ever at Gold's...ever!

Arlene and Laurion are from Seattle. Arlene is a graduate student here. I believe she told me they both trained Crossfit in Seattle.

Mike Nelson was there. He is awesome... as a person, trainer and athlete. Very upbeat, offered suggestions, congratulatory to everyone, above all he gives every lift his all. He brought his Texas Power Bar we all used to pull.

Brad and his girlfriend Jordan hosted the event. Kinetic Edge is a way cool studio. Based on Kettlebell training, so lots of KBs, plus fun stuff like a rope to climb and rings to goof around on. I want rings and a rope! There was a peg board for climbing and plyo boxes. Plus, a back door that opens up to a view of trees. I saw wild turkeys there one day.

It was such a good time! Everyone there was outstanding. KB people seam to be a notch above, just such a really great group. There is too much to say for one blog entry! I had such a good time!

So, here are my results...

Deadlift - 255lbs
Pull-ups - 11
Snatches - 115

I am pleased with my results. My Deadlift, Pull-ups and Snatch are all PRs! Previous; DL - 245lbs, PU - 10, and Snatch - 100 (never did a whole 5 minutes). Deadlifts were the biggest surprise... I was given a 4th chance to up my PR to 160; it was a no go. Nothing... not even a centimeter off the floor. Oh well.

This was a good first TSC. My numbers were good, and there is lots of room for improvement. So, I still have something to work toward. My biggest challenge will be to stay focused. When I train on my own I usually spend 15-35 minutes training, at the very most I train for an hour. The TSC lasted 3 hours. My focus was great for the DL... after that I started to gap out and fade. I've said it before, if I could cultivate focus... I could get good at something! lol!

The best part was doing the TSC was doing this with Aaron. He is a real training partner. He is a natural athlete, excellent with movement and very smart about training. He makes all this so much fun! I love you babes!

Wednesday, September 5, 2007

Backbends and Deadlifts...

I just got back from William's yoga class... we did more backbends (it is the summer of backbends). I haven't been to Williams class for three weeks. I haven't done much for backbends since I started training deadlifts. Wow, my ROM for backbends has changed! Much smaller ROM, and boy, do my legs have to work that much harder to stabilize. The whole spine, not just lumbar, protested to this movement that used to be a staple. After the TSC I will have to bringing balance back to my back body. I wonder how regular backbends will influence my DL.

Tuesday, September 4, 2007

Another Snatch Workout

It's Aaron's birthday today and he wanted to train snatches in preparation for the TSC. We probably should have done a little more training this last weekend... but I absolutely had to paint the bedroom. Just like how I had to vacuum every room in the house before I could sturdy for a test in college. lol! If I could learn how to focus for once, I might, one day, actually get good at something.

Swings - 16kg; 20
Snatches - 16kg; 5/5, rest, 10/10/10/10/10/10/10/10/10/10, rest, 10/10, rest, 10/10
100 snatches took me 4 minutes and 25 seconds... I went slowish. The last two sets of 10/10 I went for speed. I need to work faster.
SH Swings - 16kg; 10/10, 10/10
Concentrated on blasting every swing.

Saturday, September 1, 2007

TSC, a week away...

I'm starting to get nervous... I have never participated in a competition. I was never in sports as a kid. Plus, I have been training for this competition for less than a month. YIKES! Good news is my husband Aaron will also be competing along with me as well as my friend and trainer Mike Nelson.

I only started to train with weights two years ago. I started training with KB a year ago when I found Andrea DuCane in October. Otherwise, I have only been practicing yoga for the past 12 years. That isn't competitive.

The TSC will be fun... I will be doing something for the first time. I have a real goal with a real date doing something in front of real people. I will find out if a competition brings out the best in me or if preforming in front of other people is something I need to work on. Plus, I will find out what I can really do.

Training for Today...

Swings - 20kg; 20
Snatches - 20kg; 10/10,10/10,10/10,10/10
Swings - 20kg; 20,20,20,20