Sunday, September 16, 2007

Goofed up Rhomboid...

I had a motorcycle accident about 6 years ago. No real bad injuries... but ever since then I have occasional muscle spasms in my rhomboids, upper and middle traps and infraspinatus. When I got up out of bed this morning I felt my rhomboids and infraspinatus wind up in spasm. Very annoying and painful. Damn it all to hell.

I went to yoga in hopes of a release. Lisa always asks for requests... I asked for upper thoracic releasing postures. Yoga was helpful, but I am still in spasm. I worked some Z drills... elbow circle, glides, and cam shafts. Relief, but still bugging me. I have a low tolerance for long term (more than a couple minutes) of pain. Stick presses, nope. Damn it to hell.

Aaron's brother came over for some KB lesson today! Way cool! Aaron's brother is an accomplished powerlifter and I am thrilled to have an opportunity to discuss weight training with such a pro! He has a standing record in North Dakota in the Bench Press.

I did a few presses, swings, cleans and snatches in an attempt to work out the spasm (it's still there) as well as to demonstrate KBs. Well, I think I have successfully persuaded another Friday! He wants his own KB and is asking about classes! Cool! Two down and two to go (mom and dad)!

Well, I am going to cry about my shoulder some more. I am a big cry baby!


Mark Reifkind said...

ok, I know it is against the z 'rules' but try the foam roller and or a thumper on the painfull area.
with the roller just move into where it hurts and let it sit there til it dissipates 50% or more, then move to another area.
with the thumper have aaron work all around the spasmed area esecially the teres major and lat.
hope you feel better.

Mark Reifkind said...

oh yeah, also have someone work on the levator scapula on the same side as the painful rhomboid.Have aaron put his thumb on the levator as you take your arm through adduction to the side and the front.

Mike T Nelson said...

For Z drills, try and opposite outside toe pull, thoracic drill, and/or opposite side hip circle. I could be all sorts of stuff, but I would start there and see how that goes.

What arm motion is most painful?

Have you had your visual and vestibular checked recently?

Feel free to pop by whenever, just drop me an email. I am relatively open this week.

Take care
Mike N

fawn said...

I don't have a foam roller, but I do have "thera-cane", which I used out of desperation. I have never really got the hang of the foam roller, there is one at Gold's. I got Aaron to press on the afflicted sight. I took some Bromalain, ibuprofen, and Flexerol. Did all this yesterday... still hurts.

Today I went to see a Chiro, got an adjustment and the Thumper. Plus he pinched the hell out of my upper trap and scalenes. I was DESPERATE!

I do feel better... The movement afflicted most is not so much my shoulder, but neck movement. Just like when I got creamed on my motorcycle. The pain is almost exactly the same.

I can't tip my head back or look over my left shoulder with out pain. I can feel the pain right on the vertebral border of the scap and upper thoracic vertebra.

It always clears up in a few day... but still that is a few days lost!

Mark Reifkind said...

the thera cane works very well. I have a backknobber but its the same thing.I would really work on all the muscles covering the scapula and see which ones are "hot". the levator also directly connects to the neck.
hope you feel better.

Mike T Nelson said...

Try rotating your pelvis forward and then the head movement back. Try moving your pelvis back (posterior tilt) and try your neck again. It should help a little in one of those pelvic positions.

If the pain is similar to your accident, you may have a visual and/or vestibular "over ride" going on too. I know we are still trying to coordinate schedules, so let me know what works. If cost is an issue, don't worry about it for now since you are a great referral source.

I have a dusty foam roller you can have :)
Mike N

fawn said...

Mike, How about Thursday around 11:30?