Wednesday, September 12, 2007

More on Backbends and Deadlifts...

Something I have come to understand today at William's... Backbends and Deadlifts are contradictory. If I want to train DL's regularly and still keep active in my backbends, I am going to have to be more vigilant with backbend practice.

What I have noticed in backbend practice today...

*Intercostals are tighter, making it harder to breath

*Lumbar spine less mobile

*Thoracic spine less mobile

*Glutes, Quads and Hams gassed out quickly, seriously... my buns ache.

*Overall much more difficult than I ever remember. Honestly, I don't remember backbends ever being so tough! This used to be a strength for me, so I'm not worried about regaining my backbend losses... just interesting to feel the impact of DLs on back body mobility. LOL!

Focus in today's BB class - Lifting the outer ankle and extending the inner ankle, keeping the weight toward the big toe side of the foot for a more balanced anchor in the foot.`

We drilled extending up into backbends on our toes, anchoring the big toe ball mound, as we extended the heals to the floor, we pressed big toe side of the heal first... facilitating an even ankle extension.

Excellent class like always!


Aaron Friday said...

This is very interesting. Seems like the SAID principle at work, doesn't it?

Back in the days when I was 100% committed to Tai Chi, I could sit in a chair, relax, and feel my pulse bumping up against the back of the chair.

Now that I'm into strength training again, I don't feel those things, but I know the new me could kick the shit out of the old me.

You may want to dedicate some days to yoga and other days to strength training, with no overlap.

Tracy said...

I love all of the nuances of yoga, I don't get near enough in "preschool yoga", aka Bikram!

fawn said...

The teacher makes all the difference in the world. We will have to check out some yoga when you are here!

Mike T Nelson said...

You may be loosing your long spine during the DL and added too much compression in the lumbar area. You may have some SMA (sensory motor amnesia) in that area too which is very common.

In the past when I had a little more free time, I really enjoyed lifting 3-4 days a week and doing Bikram yoga on my off days to help with recovery. I would be intersted in your thoughts on this

Mike N

fawn said...

I would love to discuss yoga and resistance training with you Mike. I have never been to a Bikram yoga class, so we might want to start with attending a class together.

I like to work on standing asana everyday... inversions I think would be an excellent compliment to a heavy lifting day, being that inversions and forward bends are very restorative to the CNS.

I don't know how Bikram yoga asana it taught... I have some ideas, but I don't know how accurate they are.

I could go on and on... this might be better in person. LOL!