Friday, September 28, 2007

Sots Press - Pistol Style

I did a lot of demonstrations today, that combined with my workout with Nick yesterday has made my hands pretty sore. I have a low threshold for pain... so, when I got home I wanted to keep my workout short and low reps. I have been working in back bends into my standing asana and Surya Namskara... back bends are coming back. Plus they make my back and shoulders feel better.

I really wanted to try the snatch with the 24kg again. I wanted to make sure my 5/5 yesterday wasn't a fluke.

Snatches; 24kg - 5L/5R X 5

Challenging but doable.

What to do next???

The night I worked out at Brad Nelson's Kinetic Edge, Brad told me about the Sots Press, pistol style. It's a Steve Cotter move. Ever since then I have wanted to put that lift into my rotation. I'm not very good at it yet... here is the before picture. I will post a up date when I get better. I love leg stuff... finally, the glory of short legs!

Sots Press - Pistol Style, right side 12kg... in the funky workout room.


Taikei Matsushita said...

Over Head Press from Pistol is a dream for me.
How the hell could you do that.

Snatching 24kg, I knew you would do them. 5 sets is unexpected though.

I think you are starting to achieve woman version of what Kenneth Jay and Brett Jones do.

fawn said...

It's the yoga! My yoga practice keeps me mobile in my shoulders, hips and back.

Thanks for the compliments! Brett and Kennith Jay.. I wish!

When Brad told me about the Sots Press, I had never thought to try it before... I had never even heard of it before! LOL! I tried it and could do it right away... with practice I will get better. It is a good lift to train.

Mike T Nelson said...

If you can do that well on your FIRST try, once you get some perfect reps in you will OWN that exercise in very little time! Excellent work Fawn!

Rock on
Mike N

Tracy said...

Bow to the Queen...that's what I'm doing right now.

But you know, I had to swing the 24 (1 handed) this morning to get a "feel" for it...I'm next. First though, the SSST w/16kg.

My plan is to test it the Monday before I come out and visit you guys in 2-3 weeks....there, it's an official date!

fawn said...


Pamela Macelree is the Queen of the 24kg... that woman is powerful! I will have to settle for Duchess or Princess, which is fine because Queen is too much responsibility. LOL!

SSST with the 16kg, for the love of god Tracy! I was thinking about you when I was preparing for the TSC snatch part of the competition. Five minutes with the 16kg about killed me. Double that would be super human. Strength and stamina is a rare combination!

AikiBudo said...

In awe and agreement with all the others here. I'll be happy when I can do bodyweight pistols - I plan to GTG my way to them this winter, and I've done SOTS press with a 16, two legged of course, and it was plenty hard.

You will be able to make your own DVD soon: Yoganator's KettleYoga! Make a million! You will inspire thousands...
You and Tracy together would be a dynamite show, giving 'tough love'& 'goddess' a run for the money!

Mark Reifkind said...

incredible! that would make a great graphic for a logo. I can only dream of doing either move.

fawn said...

Thanks for the compliments everyone! I guess I have just lucked out with the hip and shoulder mobility. It's the yoga practice that makes this doable.

Mark, you used to be a gymnast... at one time you could have done this in your sleep!

Kettlebell Lady said...

Nice job. I'd be on my ass just trying it without the KB!

Tracy said...


The last part of aikibudo's comment is what I'm thinking...I can't wait to "brainstorm"...great things are "coming into alignment" for us!

Franz Snideman said...

Great pic! Nice job!