Saturday, September 1, 2007

TSC, a week away...

I'm starting to get nervous... I have never participated in a competition. I was never in sports as a kid. Plus, I have been training for this competition for less than a month. YIKES! Good news is my husband Aaron will also be competing along with me as well as my friend and trainer Mike Nelson.

I only started to train with weights two years ago. I started training with KB a year ago when I found Andrea DuCane in October. Otherwise, I have only been practicing yoga for the past 12 years. That isn't competitive.

The TSC will be fun... I will be doing something for the first time. I have a real goal with a real date doing something in front of real people. I will find out if a competition brings out the best in me or if preforming in front of other people is something I need to work on. Plus, I will find out what I can really do.

Training for Today...

Swings - 20kg; 20
Snatches - 20kg; 10/10,10/10,10/10,10/10
Swings - 20kg; 20,20,20,20


Royce said...

It's so cool you and Aaron are doing the TSC together. You'll do fine.

Lauren said...

I wish you the best of luck with the TSC. It's always fun to have a goal. Your workouts are super strong! Snatching the 20kg. You are making me want to try to do that now!

fawn said...

Lauren and Royce, thanks for the support!

Mark Reifkind said...

fawn, I am sure you will do fine. one thing to remember: their is a phenomenon called 'pre start' this is where the athlete gets adrenalized way before the actual competition and then has no adrenaline for the comp itself.
be careful this last week with too much visualization or focus on the the lifts themselves. if you find your heart racing and your pulse going thats 'pre start'.
try to stay calm until right before the event. You will have more juice that way at the meet.

Taikei Matsushita said...

I bet your Yoga career is paying off real good. I'm quite surprised you've been working with weights for only couple years and half of that for kettlebells.

This is your thing.
You got over RKC, competitive situation is easier IMO.

fawn said...


I have heard of this "pre-start" condition. I don't think I am that nervous. Just every now and then I think "OMG, I should train more..." I would be better off acting on my nerves at this point! LOL!

fawn said...


I have an excellent yoga teacher, and I love my yoga practice... however I have always wanted an "explosive" element to my practice. Now my yoga practice is suffering because I am working toward the TSC! LOL!