Saturday, September 8, 2007


Aaron and I just got home from from the TSC... we had a great time! There were 10 total competitors; seven men and 3 women. A very nice showing for us folks in Minnesota.

This is our group - Top row starting with the blond guy (a new co-worker at Gold's) Nick Jasken, Joe Pavel, Mike Nelson, Brad Ellingson, Laurion Burchall, and Brad Nelson. The shorties on the bottom row - Bruce Wuollena, Aaron Friday, me, Jordan Hansen, and Arlene Kim.

Arlene Kim, Jordan Hansen, and I were the three ladies. Arlene and Jordan are very strong. All of our Deadlifts were over 225lbs, and we all did at least 9 pull-ups. That is amazing... I never see women at Gold's doing anything close to 200lb DLs, and I have only seen three women do pull-ups ever at Gold's...ever!

Arlene and Laurion are from Seattle. Arlene is a graduate student here. I believe she told me they both trained Crossfit in Seattle.

Mike Nelson was there. He is awesome... as a person, trainer and athlete. Very upbeat, offered suggestions, congratulatory to everyone, above all he gives every lift his all. He brought his Texas Power Bar we all used to pull.

Brad and his girlfriend Jordan hosted the event. Kinetic Edge is a way cool studio. Based on Kettlebell training, so lots of KBs, plus fun stuff like a rope to climb and rings to goof around on. I want rings and a rope! There was a peg board for climbing and plyo boxes. Plus, a back door that opens up to a view of trees. I saw wild turkeys there one day.

It was such a good time! Everyone there was outstanding. KB people seam to be a notch above, just such a really great group. There is too much to say for one blog entry! I had such a good time!

So, here are my results...

Deadlift - 255lbs
Pull-ups - 11
Snatches - 115

I am pleased with my results. My Deadlift, Pull-ups and Snatch are all PRs! Previous; DL - 245lbs, PU - 10, and Snatch - 100 (never did a whole 5 minutes). Deadlifts were the biggest surprise... I was given a 4th chance to up my PR to 160; it was a no go. Nothing... not even a centimeter off the floor. Oh well.

This was a good first TSC. My numbers were good, and there is lots of room for improvement. So, I still have something to work toward. My biggest challenge will be to stay focused. When I train on my own I usually spend 15-35 minutes training, at the very most I train for an hour. The TSC lasted 3 hours. My focus was great for the DL... after that I started to gap out and fade. I've said it before, if I could cultivate focus... I could get good at something! lol!

The best part was doing the TSC was doing this with Aaron. He is a real training partner. He is a natural athlete, excellent with movement and very smart about training. He makes all this so much fun! I love you babes!


Aaron Friday said...

I love you too, babes. There's no way I would have done this without you.

From the pic, it looks like I'm deadlifting in a loin cloth!

And her last attempt was 260, not 160. A natural mistake, like my loin cloth.

Royce said...

Right on congrats on the PRs. Sounds like you too had fun!!

Lauren said...

Congratulations Fawn! Your numbers are very impressive. Glad you enjoyed yourself. That is all that counts in the end isn't it?

fawn said...

Thanks Lauren and Royce! I have to say I am pleased with my DL for sure. The TSC was a blast, it really was a lot of fun!

Mike T Nelson said...

Nice work Fawn and Aaron! both of you did awesome! See you there next year once again!
Mike N

Tracy said...

Fawn, You are such a studette! This next full year of training for the TSC should be awesome.

Now you have your baseline, you'll only get better and stronger. Solid numbers!

Franz Snideman said...

Wow, those are AWESOME numbers! Great performance...

11 pull ups is amazing!
The DL and snatch numbers were impressive as well.

fawn said...


I will see you before next year's TSC! YOU ROCK!

fawn said...


I could use some help in the snatch department... that would be your specialty. I better start training for your visit! LOL!

fawn said...

Thanks Franz! The Ladies at Revolutions had really great numbers! You and Yoanna are awesome coaches! When are you two coming to Minnesota again?

Rich said...

Great pull @ 255. You had 10 to 15 more pounds on that lift. You are capable of a 300 # deadlift at your next contest if you have perfect technique.

As a sumo deadlifter, your technique has to much more precise than a conventional deadlifter. As Rickey Crain says- a sumo deadlift is nothing more than a leg press or a squat with one merely holding onto a bar. Unlike conventional deadlifting, the arms are merely hooks, nothing more.

Try to keep your head up or straight through out the descent and the lift. And keep your arms straight through the entire lift. I noticed that a millisecond before starting the pull, your arms bent and then straightened out upon pulling. Instead of all the power going to the bar some of it was displaced to your arms. Moreover, this can lead to a bicep tear.

Have you ever seen Shawn deadlift? He is one of the better deadlift technicans in the country. He can explain it better than I can. But if you visualize yourself as a spring as you descend slowly and stay tight, you build up this incredible power. As soon as you get a good grip, you SPRING UP with this built up power. It's hard to explain but if you master this technique, your deadlift will instantly go up 20-25 pounds.

Sorry about the longwinded comment, but I thought I could help and it's a slow day at the office.

fawn said...


300lbs...Really?! You totally made my day! I have already asked Shawn to start coaching me. Hell, if you ever what to come on down to The Press and give me some input, I would love it.

I have no clue what I am doing... I am just going with what feels natural. I am already making efforts to correct that throwing the head back thing.

Thanks again!

Rich said...

Obviously, due to your flexibility, you made the right choice in deadlifting sumo. According to the research, the bar travels 18% less in the sumo deadlift as compared to conventional. See also www.weightliftingdiscussion.commccullougharticles.html

Next time I get to the Twin Cities, I'll try to make it to the Press.

Good luck with your training!