Monday, September 24, 2007

Weekend Workout

Aaron and I went up to Alexandria to visit his parents at their lake home. We brought our kettlebells and got a workout in.

Sunday Morning Workout

Swings; 20kg - 1 minute work 1 minute rest x 7
OMG swings for a whole minute with the 20kg was really tough! I averaged 37-40 swings per minute, after 7 sets I had to jump in the lake. The plan was 10 sets, but I wimped out.

Sunday Afternoon

I didn't really workout. I did however give my brother-in-law some KB instruction. After that I pressed the 20kg twice... two singles, not two in a row. Only on my right side... left side (teres, infraspinatus, and middle traps) is still spasming off and on. Not much strength, very annoying. I need to get over to Mike's for some Z.


Mike T Nelson said...

Come on over for some Z!

Heck, I have 2 clincians (one PT and one OT) that are coming over this Thurs night for some demos if you want to join in if you don't mind them watching.

Outside of that my schedule is getting pretty booked up, but I can try to squeeze you in.

Rock on

Mike N

Taikei Matsushita said...

It's nice to have a place to jump in and get wet while it's not salty isn't it?

Getting close to 24kg?
Try attach 1kg or 2kg wrist wrap to 20kg for press. Not the best but you could increase the weight by kilo.

fawn said...


My pm time is booked... Monday morning is all I have open for now. That is the price I pay when I go out of town. I just got home from a restorative yoga class, now my shoulder and upper thoracic seams fine.

In March there will be an R-Phase here in MN. I have to figure this stuff out!

fawn said...


I will have to make a video of my pathetic 20kg press... I have a major sticking point I have to work through.

I am in no way even close to pressing the 24kg, hell, I'm not ready for a wrist weight on the 20kg. In all reality I should be using the 16kg with a wrist weight, LOL!

Franz Snideman said...

Nice job on the 20kg presses! Impressive!

AikiBudo said...


7 minutes with the 20kg is NOT wimping out!

And the presses are awesome! You will tame the she-beast, I know it.

Say, my intuition tells me the energy work I do may really help your upper back. Let me know if you want a session.

fawn said...

Franz, I have been taking the advice of Yoana for my pressing lessons. The best advice she give is to know that it will be a challenge. A close second is your advice to try a pistol first as a warm up! I wish I was closer to California... I would drop by for a lesson.

fawn said...

Jim, Thanks for the offer! I may have to take you up on that as soon as I can find some time for myself! LOL!