Sunday, September 9, 2007

What I have learned from the TSC

I've had a day to reflect on the TSC, this is what I have learned...

Mistakes I Made -

The biggest mistake I made was trying for the 12th pull-up. I spent as much energy trying for that 12th pull-up as I spent doing 11... That pull-up was the cheatiest, suckiest, saddest pull-up in history. Plus I got headache that lasted the rest of the day from pushing my chin toward the bar.

We didn't bring anything to eat. This event lasted 3 hours, by the time we left Aaron and I were both totally depleted. Depleted to the point where Aaron took the wrong road home and I didn't notice. We brought water and Emergen-C, but not protein shakes or food.

I ate a bunch of "treat" food latter that day. I avoid wheat, processed meat, deep fried and sugar as much as I can. After the TSC I ordered some take-out from my favorite Vietnamese dive, Saigon. Two Saigon Sandwiches and a Combination Salad latter... I wasn't feeling too special. A little treat food is fine, a few times a week... pigging out on treat food all day is no good. Now my face is broken out, and I have a food hangover. I would have been better off just eating a grass-fed, free range steak, a salad and ONE treat thing.

Things that Went Right-

Actually participating... gave me a goal with a date attached.

Vinyasas and Z drills between DL attempts. I feel great! No low back soreness... no butt muscle pain... only my medial tricep is a little tiny bit sore. Triceps are usually sore after DL's for me. Weird.

I made good choices on DL weights... challenging, but not overwhelming.

I ate light that morning and drank plenty of water.


Mark Reifkind said...

great seeing you guys this weekedn again fawn if only for a bit. and nice job with the tsc.
your triceps are sore from pulling the bar in as you deadlift. the triceps work a lot anyway in the deadlift as stabilizers and any little bit the bar goes out really loads them more.
lock in more with the lats at the start and this will be better.

Taikei Matsushita said...

Fawn, knowing where to improve means you did it real good. That's the strength of your character.

I cannot however, imagine a Vietnamese sandwich.

Is it equivalent to Taco Rice in Okinawa?(Southern Island of Japan near Taiwan known for U.S military base).

Tracy said...

Second guessing and junk food regrets are 20/20 hindsight. Whatever moved you in that direction was stronger than thought of grass-fed steak!

Rule #1;

Never leave the house without food!

Many times I still make bad choices, because if built up anxiety...for whatever reason....often it starts with going too long without food.

And I find it funny that we can elaborate on our mistakes easier, and longer, than our successes.

You did great, better than great!

Tracy said...

PS, Isn't my man smart?!

Aaron Friday said...

The bread is like a hard French roll, but the inside consists of two weird kinds of tasty pork loaf, some thin carrot slices and cucumbers, green peppers, and another white vegetable substance. They also have a lot of cilantro and an oily mayonnaise.

When you really need to eat, they're just the thing you want, as long as you remove the painful peppers beforehand. Afterward, possibly not so happy.

Aaron Friday said...

Avoid that last pullup. It will ruin your day.

fawn said...


It is always great seeing you too! I know I speak for Aaron as well... we are so grateful to have a mentor like you who has so much experience... and so willing to pass it on. You are awesome!

fawn said...


That is why blogging is so great... I can't always remember all the mistakes I make (I make A LOT), I had to document them. LOL!

Vietnamese sandwiches are AWESOME! The French has some influence in Vietnam... they brought some crusty bread, pickled vegetables (dikon, carrot), meatballs, pate, BBQ pork, Cucumber... I will give you one when you come for RKCII!

fawn said...


I love food... something we have in common. I held off Saigon for weeks... I felt like I deserved a treat, you know how it goes. Then I got a tummy ache. Suddenly I was regretful.

PS. You KNOW your man is super smart, so do I...

fawn said...

Love, the last pull-up attempt was a huge mistake... I don't think I even had to blog to remember that stink bomb!

Franz Snideman said...

Congrat's on a great performance!!!!!