Thursday, September 27, 2007

A workout with Nick

I had a training session with the new trainer at Gold's, Nick Jasken. He participated in the TSC with very little KB experience and no real preparation. Nick does have two things working in his favor; 1. He has a lot of heart. He loves being a trainer, he is a natural athlete, he is eager to learn. 2. He is a 21 year old guy.

We worked out together today. This is what we did...

Swings; 20kg - 30 seconds on, 30 seconds rest - 10 minutes

Presses; 16kg - 5L/5R x 2

Windmills; 16kg - 3L/3R x 3

Double Clean Double FSQ; 16/16kg - 5 reps, 3 sets

Then Nick wanted to work his DL. That is the glory of working out with a 21 year old guy. Luckily he only wanted to do 3 sets...

135 x 5
185 x 5 x 2

It was a good workout, plus he looks just like my brother. Nick is planning on taking the RKC in April, I told him I would work with him and help him prepare. It was like working out with my little brother. It was fun!

Oh, yeah, one more kinda cool thing... earlier today during a demonstration I snatched the 24kg five times each side.


Aaron Friday said...

Next time you want to snatch the 24, let me know. I'll get the camera.

AikiBudo said...

See! I knew it. It won't be long before you 'own' that 1.5!

Nick sounds like an android in the making! Polish his technique and he will become a proud addition to the RKC clan. And he'll give Brad N a run for the local TSC title!