Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Backbends after Deadlifts

Backbends in yoga today felt AWESOME. I was very pleased with the ROM, stamina, and over all energy. Shoulders and upper back were open and mobile. I was mentally prepared for resistance because of the DL's yesterday.

We started with Sun Salutations and standing asana for a warm up... then for backbends William directed us to backbend over horse with the emphasis on mid-thoracic. Arms reaching up and over the horse and opening chest and shoulders. Then we did backbends with blocks under our toes up against the wall. After pressing up into backbend we kicked over into chaturanga dandasana.

I am feeling some DOMS in my quads and lateral side of my legs today, probably from the front squats...

Tracy Reifkind is coming tomorrow. I am very excited! It will be fun to hang out with my new best bud and swing bells, yoga, shop, cook, shoot, swing bells, eat, shop, yoga... you get the idea.

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