Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Deadlifts and Squats

Gym day today... I decided I was going to do some back squats for a change. Actually I was inspired by one of the women powerlifters at The Press. Her name is Maura Shuttleworth. She is currently working toward a regional meet coming up in November. Maura competes in the 105lb. class and is Benching 200lbs! Pretty amazing. Today is her squat day, so I thought I would try to squat as well. I didn't do too bad considering I can't remember when I last had a bar on my back!

Deadlift; 185lbs - 5 X 5
~I'm trying to groove my technique. Last week Shawn suggested I work on getting a consistently good pull every time.

Back Squat; 95lbs X 5
105x3, 135X3, 145X3, 155x3, 165x3, 135x5
~Maura watched to make sure my hips got low enough... I was borderline for the heavy squats otherwise good.


Mark Reifkind said...

thats good stuff fawn. you might find you like back squatting more than front squatting. definitely easier to hold the bar when it gets heavy.

Tracy said...

Dang...105lbs! That's ti-ny, she makes you look like amazon woman, LOL, in a good way of course!

Your "goody box" is on it's way, it'll be there on, (guess when), Friday...of course! UPS

fawn said...


I know, I look huge! It's like when I was back in Hawaii! LOL!

Maura needs to drop a few pound for the meet in November, so I am going to show her how to swing KB's. I'm a little nervous about showing her KB's so close to her meet... I am planning on keeping the weight low and go for reps, I think a Tracy style swing workout will be the way to go.

fawn said...


I am thinking of maybe participating in a PL meet in February... that would give me 12 weeks to cycle once for getting my DL technique down and another 6 to do your cycle.

I suppose I might want to try training my back squat and bench... just to find out what I can do. I already know I can't bench for shit.

Franz Snideman said...

Love to see the high quality simple movements in your training program. Keep on squatting...you'll get lower!

fawn said...

Thanks Franz! I like the basics... plus I am still pretty new to resistance training, I still lean a lot every time I get under the bar.