Monday, November 12, 2007

Cold Weather Cookin'

As winter gets closer my cooking has changed to more soups, stews, and roasts. I have been way into split pea soup lately... made with cardamom, ham, kale, some other veggies and topped with lemon, parsley-yogurt cheese.

Tracy Reifkind gave me a yogurt cheese maker. When I was in restaurantland we made yogurt cheese by hanging yogurt in cheese cloth over night. Now that I am a home cook only... I have no room in my fridge to hang cheese cloth... once in a while I would line my strainer with a cloth napkin. That was a pain in the butt... I had no idea someone actually made a convenient sized device that was that that.

Some other fun things I have been making with yogurt cheese...
Creamy blue cheese dressing... yogurt is full of cultures that assist digestion. Strong digestion keeps your immune system strong.

I made my own chipotle-horseradish mayonnaise, I cut it with yogurt cheese for mayo lite!


Howie Brewer said...

If you insist on teasing us with these types of posts, we're going to start to ask you to provide the recipes. We are trending toward the same here in NY now that the temps are dropping. I love the fall and all that comes with it.

Tracy said...

OMFG, horseradish / chipotle??? That's a keeper! I still want to get in the habit of making mayo.

I'm doing my split pea in my pressure cooker this morning! I put kale in practically every soup I make...although I've learned, from you, that kale (some varieties like dinosaur kale) can be eaten raw or just slightly wilted. Thanks

fawn said...

I am really loving my yogurt cheese maker! I am cooking coconut curried squash sort of marinara sauce with chicken, right now. I'm using dinosaur kale too!

fawn said...


As a retired professional cook, I don't use recipes. All I can tell you is taste and adjust. If you are making split pea soup, add a little cardamom when you sweat down the onions. It puts a real neat twist on an old favorite!

Franz Snideman said...

MMMMMMMMMMMMM.....When are you guys coming over to our hose to cook?